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  1. loshjott

    March 20-21 Storm Banter and Party Thread

    apital Weather Gang‏Verified account @capitalweather 6m6 minutes ago More Based on radar and short-term models, we think the morning hours through around 1pm, perhaps a bit later north of the Beltway, are probably our best window for accumulating snow, with snow continuing more lightly thereafter.
  2. loshjott

    March 20/21 STORM Obs/Discussion- No Banter

    I was about to post the same thing. Driveways caved, streets getting there.
  3. loshjott

    March 20/21 STORM Obs/Discussion- No Banter

    Light snow, roads not caving yet in Four Corners area of Silver Spring.
  4. loshjott

    March 1-2 wind event

    Tree down through my back and side fence, four corners area of Silver Spring.
  5. loshjott

    December 11 Week Event(s)

    MoCo stays strong; no early release.
  6. loshjott

    Major Hurricane Irma

    I don't see that on the local NWS page: http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=18.349&lon=-64.9304#.WbAVPnZ959M EDIT: or see above for extreme wind warning.
  7. loshjott

    Major Hurricane Irma

    Where was that taken?
  8. loshjott

    End of July Super Soaker

    Where is this? Is it the NW Branch bike trail? I ride that often and would hate to see it closed for a while.
  9. loshjott

    End of July Super Soaker

    I'm a short walk to the Burnt Mills dam where NW Branch goes under Colesville Rd. It's come over the road more than once since I've lived here. I'll try to get out there some time during this event.
  10. loshjott

    End of July Super Soaker

    That 4+ circle in SE MoCo is right over me. And on cue, it starts pouring again.
  11. loshjott

    End of July Super Soaker

    Sligo Creek Parkway closed SE of Colesville Rd. I saw police cars blocking it off while driving home about 1pm.
  12. loshjott

    End of July Super Soaker

    I have to drive over Sligo Creek on Colesville going home from work, and I live just south of the Burnt Mills dam. Colesville Rd. floods at that point during heavy rains on occasion so I may bug out early today.
  13. loshjott

    March 10th event model discussion and obs

    A very light rain in downtown Silver Spring.
  14. loshjott

    January and #HECS2016 Banter Thread

    I'm in Silver Spring just outside the Beltway. A front end loader came through Monday morning and most of my neighborhood is clear. I drove to downtown SS this morning and at some points southbound Rt. 29 has only one lane out of 3 clear. If OPM opens tomorrow and those lanes aren't cleared by then the commute will be a nightmare.
  15. What about the in house MODEL?