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  1. Stayed just my north...got cloudy but it's bright and clear now! And cold. The only white on the roads here is the dried out salt spray.
  2. I am sure they all do coordinate, even if not specifically mentioned in the AFD every time... but when it comes to generating forecast maps, pretty sure the staff mets are not sitting on a conference call while hovering over a graphics app tweaking every little map contour...too many other things to do on shift....
  3. I hear ya....but this is a more typical winter here IMO...the main LES stays North of us and we get a few transient table scraps and "broom" events from time to time. Synoptic snowstorms of 10" or greater have been hard to come by for the most part, maybe one per season if you throw in lake assists. We usually get one good Lake event per year...which we probably had...in November! Still, better than last winter's snoozefest!
  4. I've learned to never attempt to extrapolate KBUF snowfall maps to our area. Maybe once a year that works but generally KBGM nails lake snowfall for this area and is usually about 50% of what you would think looking at a KBUF map (in this vicinity...other places they do well). So...maybe we pick up 1-3" thru Sunday eve. "Lollipops" of 4" LOL.
  5. Well hopefully the Mts out west continue getting massive snows to help ease the long term water problems in Cali.
  6. This probably doesn't materialize as it's out in GFS fantasyland but...spring continues to threaten a breakout in the extended range. May need to get the golf sticks ready early? Next week looks like a couple of minor mixed precipitation events before serious torching may get organized. Not sure I'm buying a Yuge torch yet as GFS advertising an anomalously cutoff over the central and east US. Those usually don't work out, esp in longer ranges. If it does, we still have April in our back pocket.
  7. Yeah we are pretty much screwed if GFS and ensembles are correct. Of course that can always change or morph a bit. Fingers crossed. But we've possibly seen our last accumulating snow for the next 10 days or so. I'm discounting Sunday as for us that looks like some passing snow showers.
  8. Didn't want to post this in the new thread on the LES event but after this weekend it looks like game over for winter in the east for an extended period. A lot of 40s and rain progged.
  9. KSYR will see plenty of snowfall over the next week...via Tug Hill webcams...;)
  10. Yup, will be gone after the 3 day torch and rain next week. Looks like we will end up with maybe 2" as band looks like it will ease on up into Oswego county as usual. Fulton, Central Square should do well tonight, maybe Oswego. All tolled, about 6-7" for this "event" IMBY, most of which fell early this a.m.
  11. Steady snow attm, decent flake size here on the border of Onon and Oswego cty. Maybe an inch plus down.
  12. Graupel / popcorn snow here. A coating of it. Not impressed, thusfar.
  13. Nothing here yet other than a few flurries. Traffic cams in Lpool and SYR and Auburn look like decent snow in progress. Band is developing and sliding northward so I think you and I will do ok, along with Bremerton, Cicero... maybe 3-4". Same in Lpool. A bit more if it steadies out and doesn't move too far north.
  14. KBGM forecast map still looking decent for overnight for George, Ty and myself...we shall see if it verifies. I think it will...or be reasonably close.
  15. 4.5" overnight, which includes whatever fell yesterday afternoon...which was an inch or so.
  16. KBGM usually more conservative than KBUF in terms of forecasted totals and IMO usually more accurate for the border area between the two here in Onondaga and Oneida ctys. Unscientific, and takes some interpolation between two different forecast maps...just my trained eyeballing of forecast maps over the years. This next event looks good for George, Ty and I...I could see a solid 8-12" with higher amts possible somewhere near us.
  17. Nice graphic and explanation George. I've heard about this effect previously but had forgotten about it. Thanks for the refresh! And yeah my 3" this a.m., as compared to others, may have been that I didn't measure until about 0830. Had I measured earlier it probably would've been a bit less. Let's hope the next LES event doesn't also underperform. I'll gladly offer last nights underperformance as appeasement to the lake gods instead of it being the next one.
  18. Measured at 830, 3.0" here, liquid equivalent of 0.17...good thing it's going to be relatively cold the next few days or this would be gone quickly. Looks like we have one more warmup coming early next week before a colder pattern gets established in the long term.
  19. 2" overnight in Clay, same as Fulton. The much dreaded SE ridge and associated torching doesn't look to establish itself for very long, maybe a day or so after Christmas and then back to fun and games it appears to start 2017. Total of 43" of snow IMBY thusfar, which is close to our entire seasonal snowfall last winter. Can't complain.
  20. You must be around my age...I remember #10 scrambling like a mad man for Big Blue as a young kid. But I best remember him for his 3 SB losses with Vikes. Measured 4" from our lake snow bonus.
  21. If only WSYR hadn't rendered their website virtually unusable over the past several years. Used to be a go to radar site a decade ago. Then they junked their website up with so much garbage that it seems most of the browsers I use, or mobile devices, act like **** on their site. I barely visit it anymore, but the radar is good.
  22. Nice 4" surprise snow of sorts in Clay while i was in movie theatre. I wasnt paying close attention to this other than read KBGM AFD earlier...wasn't expecting much more than a passing snow shower. So we about matched our snowfall from the saturday morning system, in a few hours.
  23. It better be...only so many Blizzard brews that are prudent to drink.
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