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  1. Flurries here at Manchester High School.
  2. Ripping tiny flakes here in Midlothian, VA (suburb outside of Richmond).
  3. Just drove by the site. It’s like something from a movie. Just doesn’t seem real.
  4. Virga right now. I'm in central VA.
  5. So funny to me. I’ve been around since easternwx days and rarely post and am usually too afraid to do so. Back when I started if you didn’t know what you were doing (still true for me) you didn’t cross the mods. You guys intimidate(d) me — but I’m just here to learn— and, boy, have I learned! Weather terms, what the abbreviations mean, how to read models, etc. For that very reason- thank you. Weather is fascinating and I vowed after TS/Hurricane Isabel came through VA that I’d never be unprepared again. This board got me there.
  6. Snow reported in Hanover and Louisa, VA. Light/random flakes in Chesterfield, VA.
  7. When you're on oceanfront vacation in OBX and your hot tub is under the put a tarp on the top deck, tarp up the underside, grab a drink and hit the hot tub!
  8. RIC looks to obviously be out of the snow. But-any thoughts on possible ice issue?
  9. I am a longtime lurker but gotta say... Mappy for the WIN on best comment for the day: Euro be all like "yo, sorry I'm late, was preparing myself to slam right into FL"
  10. NOT out of subforum... I am in Richmond/ Chesterfield VA area.....
  11. There are some good discussions and play-by-plays happening on the Southeastern States forum.