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  1. 03Z SREFS are looking more north than 21Z .... will not complain here in the Lehigh Valley
  2. If you compare the 12Z NAM with the 18Z NAM, the closed 500mb low is at least 100 miles further north at 18Z. I believe that was a big part of the difference which allowed this run to push that razor edge cutoff north. Will be interesting to watch the 18Z GFS at 500mb to see if this it the start of something.
  3. LOL .... I have a bad feeling about this one for the Lehigh Valley ..... Suspect we're going to be under a "virga" storm for a long time while Philly gets pounded. Have seen it before.
  4. Yeah .... just a 30 mile tick north would really help us here in the Lehigh Valley
  5. I totally agree. I live 8 miles north of ABE, and I despise the gradient being this close. Would love to have some insurance room. Maybe we can get a 25 to 50 mile jog north.
  6. It's certainly possible .... The oft worshipped 1996 storm was just like that for the Lehigh Valley. I can remember 24 hours before the event I was extremely aggravated by the forecasts for 1 to 2 inches and a miss to the south. It seems for the big ones, we always have to flirt with danger (i.e. either a complete miss or a change to rain/sleet).
  7. When do the 12z Euro ensembles come out? Please tell me the mean is north of the op. Am sick of being fringed.
  8. Amen to this! .... I would love to see today's 12Z models look like the Euro's 12Z run from Sunday. Everyone would be happy.