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  1. At 1pm my point-and-click green square produces a forecast saying a steady temp. of 78F and a south wind. My instruments say I'm 90F/D.P. 66F with a WNW/NW wind. It feels like 90F too. Hope the wind shifts soon!
  2. Down this way topped out at 84F @12:18pm. By then the wind was shifting from SW/WSW to S/SSE. Temp. held in the low 80's for a good hour before sliding into the 70's. That nice ocean breeze has peaked at 28mph @4:22pm. Not too bad of a day.
  3. High here 89F. Would love it if this were the hottest day of the year. Ha ha ha.
  4. First, March,2001, not a part of this comment. Personally I (weather weenie) was disappointed we got no snow of note; just a few flakes at the start. I do believe the overall forecast could have been better. HOWEVER, as you said, "Joe Public could care less". I stand alone among many friends & family members in missing snow. I too hear a goodly number of folks describe the storm as "bad". They feel for those who got iced in and truly believe those headaches are worse than a few more inches of snow. Interestingly, several told me the while forecast north & west of here was for more snow/less ice, it is March. They acknowledge the tough call the NWS had to make, especially in March; surprised me. That means MANY down this way feel lucky/HAPPY we only got rain, even if it was 2.80". The wind, as predicted, did not fall short; still gusting 35+mph(3/16,1:15pm). Don't know how many gusts of 40+mph I've had (many!)but the average person considers it all storm related. It's still impacting outdoor activities. Through in the flooding which did reach moderate levels, as predicted, all around Cape May County and which caused numerous problems. Indeed most do feel we've had a bad storm and the overall (CWA) forecast was close enough.
  5. Light snow started about 8:15pm. Temp. 35F, DP 28F, peak wind gust for day 25mph at 8:45pm, pressure dropped from 30.32" at 8:10pm to 30.26" at 8:45pm. Wind direction last hour ENE.
  6. "Thank you, thank you very much" as Elvis would say. Now, reality. Probably do need the perfect set up now. It just seems this storm has the potential be good for all in the form. I know that's not easy anytime let alone mid-March, but it's sure teasing us! Best of luck to ALL of us.
  7. OK, I'll take that! Quite honestly, though, I would be happy with 10" if all you guys north & west got bumped back up the rest. However it seems right now the trend may end up no one's friend.
  8. As of 7:45am (13th) peak gust of [email protected]:48am. Since 7am the highest has been 43mph. Does seem the highest has most likely been reached as detailed in Mt. Holly's current AFD. That's fine by me!
  9. Wind gusted to 60mph, 12:31pm. Otherwise rain turned to sleet about 8am and sleet to snow about 8:30am. Snowed nicely 'til 10am. Didn't lay but was nice to see. It is really windy out there!! I see it just gusted to 53mph. Wow.
  10. 9:30am(30th): still spitting a few flakes but radar shows the end is at hand. Temp. up to 33F. I feel the current 3.4" is it. Not to bad at all.
  11. 7am: 2.2" and a nice light snow, temp. 31F, wind NNW about 5mph. Started between 4 & 5am.
  12. I hate to say it, but the cold pattern coming barely deserves to be called cold. Looks to be a few degrees below normal at best, unless I'm missing something. Yuk.
  13. Though I'd post more wind info. It's still howling out there! From 7pm to 9:30pm(1/23) based on 1-minute data I've had 37 gusts of 50+mph including 3 of 60+mph. Just had one of 55mph. Pressure's bottoming out too; 29.31" WOW!
  14. As of 1:12pm. Have to do the odd time because I had two 62mph gusts just after 1pm. Since noon had several in the mid-50mph range. Highest 1-min. average 37.7mph at 11:46am. 63mph,10:11am still the highest gust. Wind direction had been evenly split between ENE & NE but now more NE.
  15. Guessing obs. for THIS storm go here as opposed to the 2016-17 winter obs. subforum. Peak gust of [email protected]:11am(1/23).
  16. Seems the storm is dragging its heels. As of 7:30am (Monday) only .07" of rain since midnight, peak gust 49mph at 5:10. Gotta remember this time last year was gusting to 68mph, soo..... Does appear the worst (best?) is yet to come.
  17. 6pm: still spitting a few little flakes but it's done; 6.3", temp. 22F, DP 17F, RH 82%, wind NNW13G29mph with a peak gust of [email protected]:29pm. I wonder when this will happen again?
  18. 4pm: S-, 5.7" on ground (1.4" added since 1pm), temp. 22F, DP 20F, RH 92%, wind N11G14mph, peak gust [email protected]:21pm, bar. 30.15" unsteady.
  19. At 1pm: temp. 23F, DP 21F, RH 92%, wind NNE16g27mph, bar. 30.16" S-, 4.3' on ground. That's 4" in 6 hrs. IMHO the 6+" forecasts will not happen. Hopefully i'll get to 5". Seems this will be an under performer here. All that aside, it's still a nice snow. I am enjoying it!
  20. Quick update for 9am: 1.3", Lt. to maybe moderate snow, 23F
  21. At 7am: temp. 24F, DP 16F, RH 76%, Lt. snow, 0.3" on ground, wind NNE7G13mph, peak gust [email protected]:07am. I do know a few flakes were falling at 5:20am.
  22. At 7am had a whopping 0.3". A little disappointed but not surprised. I believe there's more to come.
  23. I just received the following e-mail from Valerie Meola, Mt. Holly NWS: "It is with deep regret that we inform you about the sudden passing of Jim Bunker on December 29, 2016. Jim became the Observing Program Leader (OPL) here at the NWS Mount Holly office in March 2013 and worked tirelessly since then in revamping the observational network that is so critical to the National Weather Service. Jim enjoyed every aspect of the Cooperative Observation Program and especially working with all of you, the actual observers who make the program work! Moving forward, please continue to contact NWS Mount Holly as you would in the past with any questions or equipment request you may have and we'll do our best to provide the answers you need. As always, thank you for the service you provide to the NWS and the entire nation." I apologize if this was not the proper way to do this but felt this should be passed along. I enjoyed having Jim as a "boss". He definitely did care. Condolences to his immediately family and his NWS "family".
  24. Down this way we've averaged 39.8F through the 23rd. That's 0.5F below normal. It's also the "coldest" in 6 years. As already mentioned that is not sayin' much. Also as suggested seems this is becoming the "new" December not-so-winter pattern. Bummer. Just for historical (hysterical?) purposes I think back to December 1962 & 1963, my last two in high school. I went ice skating on Lily Lake, Cape May Point. Did seem to happen more often back then. Enough for now.
  25. Indeed. I'll say since 2010. In that year from the 14th through the 27th didn't have daily max. above 39F and even had three days 31F or lower. Of course that stretch ended with that amazing 15.2" snowfall the 26th-27th. We can hope can't we?