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  1. Down this way had 0.9" at 7am. Don't think any more was added with the few flakes that fell thereafter. Pretty nice. All gone now(6pm).
  2. Maxed out at 96F!! Previous official Oct. max. 88F. Unofficially 89F in 1941. Whatever, 96F in October is ridiculous!
  3. A7 7:40am (3/1) 1.5", 33F. Still flaking a little, but believe to end is at hand.; radar agrees. 1/2" or less was forecast, so ,not to bad.
  4. Just looked outside (11pm) and was very surprised to see the ground white! Had to have started just after 10pm. Temp. 34F so we'll see how it goes. Will measure soon.
  5. Friday, 11pm: 15F, mostly clear. 3.0" the final total. Wonderful over-achiever!
  6. Friday, 7pm: 19F, still snowing very lightly, 2.8", pressure 30.41" and rising, wind N5G9mph. Very nice winter day. Will it happen again this month? Hoping for sure!
  7. Friday, 4pm: 20F, S-, 2.4", wind N5G9mph, pressure 30.36". Quite surprised with today's little snow! Started about 7:30am. Only expected 1/2" or so. Very nice indeed.
  8. 11F for the low here. Cold for sure but had colder in January, 2018: 10F on the 6th and 7F on the 7th. Both were just after 7am. Way it goes.
  9. Down this way some light snow 10:30-11:15pm. Enough on the ground to notice with a bare coating on the car; temp. dipped to 33F. Oh well.
  10. Sunday, 10am: 4.1" on ground, still snowing lightly, 31F/DP 29F, wind NE7G17mph, pressure 30.37". Pickup 1" from 7am til 10am. Me thinks the end is nigh.
  11. Sunday, 7am: 3.1" on ground, snowing lightly, 29F, wind NE10G15mph, pressure 30.49".
  12. As of midnight Sat.>Sun. a whopping 0.2" with light (very light?) snow, 29F, no wind, bar. 30.48". Snow began about 7:30pm.
  13. Excuse me....did you actually say Cape May? Just some light-heartedness. I'd be thrilled, but I'm always ready to share too. So far looking pretty good.