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  1. As of 11am (Saturday) 5.0" total, 2.4" yesterday and 2.6" today. Still just a few flakes floating down but the end is nigh. Was hoping for another inch or two but not bad at all. Looks pretty out there! It seems many ofl you in the Philly area did better than first thought. That's nice. It is cool when we all get a nice thump.
  2. Saturday 7am: 3.0" on the snowboard, which means 0.6" since midnight, 33F, light sleet/ice pellets, NNE wind 2-4mph. Hopin' to get another inch or two before this thing ends!
  3. At midnight, Friday, very light snow falling, 33F, 2.4" on the snow board, liquid precip. .28". Street in front of my house clear. Since the snow started just after 3pm the wind has been mostly calm.
  4. My highest was 48mph at 4:48am. That's enough (for now).
  5. Sunday's total 2.39", peak gust [email protected]:07pm. Barometer holding around 29.10-.11" (12:30am,30th). Now we'll see how high the wind gets.
  6. Jose not bad down the Cape May way for rain, only 0.11". My peak gust [email protected]:14pm. As I'm at least 1.5 miles from the ocean front it was probably a little stronger where the waves were breaking. Brandywine Shoal Light in the Delaware Bay had a peak gust of 48mph. Flooding was an issue in several locations both morning & night according to several reports. Now, will it come back to visit with a little more punch?
  7. Down this a-way another gully washer of an afternoon. 1.88", and it poured. Did not expect anything near this much. Since July 22nd, 22 days, had 10.89"of rain. Way to much.
  8. Wow! Another deluge afternoon. 2.11". It did POUR!! Since July 22nd I've had 8.81" of rain. That is a lot! Let's see what happens to night. Hopefully the possible 1-2" will not happen. E-nough!
  9. Wow! Since midnight 3.33"! Yesterday had 0.67". So a total of 4.00" since 5pm yesterday(Friday). Might pick up another hundredth or two as I see it's all exiting stage right. Enough! For the month 8.33". Will be wettest July since 2000 (8.38"). Last wettest any month was just last September (11.06") . Yikes!
  10. At 1pm my point-and-click green square produces a forecast saying a steady temp. of 78F and a south wind. My instruments say I'm 90F/D.P. 66F with a WNW/NW wind. It feels like 90F too. Hope the wind shifts soon!
  11. Down this way topped out at 84F @12:18pm. By then the wind was shifting from SW/WSW to S/SSE. Temp. held in the low 80's for a good hour before sliding into the 70's. That nice ocean breeze has peaked at 28mph @4:22pm. Not too bad of a day.
  12. High here 89F. Would love it if this were the hottest day of the year. Ha ha ha.
  13. First, March,2001, not a part of this comment. Personally I (weather weenie) was disappointed we got no snow of note; just a few flakes at the start. I do believe the overall forecast could have been better. HOWEVER, as you said, "Joe Public could care less". I stand alone among many friends & family members in missing snow. I too hear a goodly number of folks describe the storm as "bad". They feel for those who got iced in and truly believe those headaches are worse than a few more inches of snow. Interestingly, several told me the while forecast north & west of here was for more snow/less ice, it is March. They acknowledge the tough call the NWS had to make, especially in March; surprised me. That means MANY down this way feel lucky/HAPPY we only got rain, even if it was 2.80". The wind, as predicted, did not fall short; still gusting 35+mph(3/16,1:15pm). Don't know how many gusts of 40+mph I've had (many!)but the average person considers it all storm related. It's still impacting outdoor activities. Through in the flooding which did reach moderate levels, as predicted, all around Cape May County and which caused numerous problems. Indeed most do feel we've had a bad storm and the overall (CWA) forecast was close enough.
  14. Light snow started about 8:15pm. Temp. 35F, DP 28F, peak wind gust for day 25mph at 8:45pm, pressure dropped from 30.32" at 8:10pm to 30.26" at 8:45pm. Wind direction last hour ENE.
  15. "Thank you, thank you very much" as Elvis would say. Now, reality. Probably do need the perfect set up now. It just seems this storm has the potential be good for all in the form. I know that's not easy anytime let alone mid-March, but it's sure teasing us! Best of luck to ALL of us.