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  1. on_wx

    February 17th, 2019 Snow Event

    I feel like this has been going on for 4 years
  2. on_wx

    Overrunning Set-Up/Ice Storm 2/5-2/8

    Line 86 really separated the high ice accretion to almost nothing. I drove up to dufferin county that night to be at ground zero and went from just a glaze in Waterloo to widespread outages and trees down starting at elmira. Seeing fergus at 10pm or so was an experience. Someone on twitter said the town looked like an EF2 tornado had hit and they were right. I got stuck on a county road off 109 and got help by an OPP officer. After that, I spent the night in grand valley and it was wicked. Continuous crashing all night from trees breaking. The next day was an icy winter wonderland. Would have been a catastrophic ice storm if it got down to kw/guelph/west GTA. There was almost no wind so damage was minimal. Though, when you drive from belwood lake to orangeville ,especially now with no leaf cover, all the trees are bent and drooping.
  3. on_wx

    Overrunning Set-Up/Ice Storm 2/5-2/8

    March 2016 wont be remembered compared to how widespread Dec 2013 was, but we had up to 2" of ice around orangeville. It was phenomenal to witness
  4. on_wx

    Overrunning Set-Up/Ice Storm 2/5-2/8

    OSPC sent this today "Heads up for Wednesday to Friday.. There is potential for a winter storm later Wednesday through Thursday and into Friday across Southern Ontario. There is a fair amount of uncertainty this far in advance. However many computer models are suggesting the possibility of significant amounts of freezing rain and snow. Stay tuned."
  5. on_wx

    Hybrid Clipper Event 1/27-1/29

    4.3" in Kitchener. No complaints from me. Nice little storm.
  6. on_wx

    Hybrid Clipper Event 1/27-1/29

    EC met says 7" at Downsview
  7. I have family in Muskoka and in the past they have had snow up to the 2nd floor of the house. I dont think they get lake Erie style les events, but they can get endless abouts of 1 foot a day type les
  8. Algoma is wilderness with the TransCanada highway along the superior shoreline. I dont know much about their weather, but I do know they can get some beastly supercells in the summer and in the winter they often have lake effect snow. There is a ministry of natural resources office in the soo which specializes in weather forecasting i do believe.
  9. Looks like 11.34" in KW. I was 10 and dont remember this storm.
  10. on_wx

    October 2018 General Discussion

    November 23, 2013 we had an EF1 tornado with snowfall in eastern Ontario https://www.researchgate.net/publication/311644883_A_Unique_Cold-Season_Supercell_Produces_an_EF1_'Snownado'
  11. on_wx

    Alberto remnants

    I got pretty lucky tonight at the mouth of the Detroit River
  12. I cant even imagine what that must have been like! That radar shot is wicked especially if that's 5 or so hours after it started. 2000 was a huge year for floods IIRC so not surprised by your accounts. I'll see what I can do about ordering some radar shots or loops but it wont be for a couple weeks. I'm really curious now!
  13. I was only 11 in 2000 and don't remember this. Was it hours long severe storms?
  14. on_wx

    May 2018 General Discussion

    I think the strongest Sandy gust was 74mph at Bluewater Bridge. 76mph in KW ks crazy!
  15. on_wx

    April 12th-15th Winter Storm

    The sleet has turned to liquid cement. I had to push two cars last night and three cars are stuck this morning