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  1. We were on lockdown for 2 months. I never even got laid off cos the federal government paid my workplaces wages so my employer didnt have to lose any staff. That was the Canadian emergency wage subsidy. We still cant assemble in groups larger than 10 people. All businesses have to limit how many people can enter the store at the time so we have to form lines on marked spacing 6 feet apart to get into stores, including inside malls that were just allowed to reopen. Theatres and recreation are still closed. Only restaurant patios are open with massive restrictions. And singing and dancing are illegal. And more counties are making masks mandatory. We've worked hard to keep our numbers down and aside from a couple dumb protests everyone is complying. I'm hoping all the emergency aid for wages, unemployment, and business grants will keep us afloat. Could all come down at a moments notice tho. Its night and day for us looking south of the border.
  2. Hate to say it but the USA is in serious trouble and idk why but everywhere you turn these days is Americans arguing about facts vs fiction about the virus, "freedom", my political viewpoints vs yours, and who knows what else. It's enough to drive us all over the edge. Ontario premier even says he will not support the border reopening and tbh we all feel the same as him. This virus is real, its deadly, you have to take precautions, and we're all at risk of death if we catch it. If it kills 1% of those infected, USA is looking at 3.5 million and everyone seems to be actively trying to expedite the process while the rest of us in the modern world have nearly stopped the virus in its tracks for now. I don't get it?
  3. Most of Ontario moved to stage 2 today. Group size increased from 5 to 10 people. Malls and restaurant patios can reopen with significant restrictions. Movie theatres and entertainment venues are still closed. Hair salons also opened today. Two counties north of here also made face coverings mandatory for everyone working or entering a place of business. Wondering if more areas will adopt the same policy.
  4. The EC calculator asks for temp and dewpoint to get the humidex. Everyone treats it as a temperature, but it's supposed to be a value representing a level of discomfort
  5. The USA needs CERB. The federal government here is giving everyone who's lost their jobs due to the pandemic $2,000/month. They've even updated the eligibility for those who are out of seasonal or contract work or have had their hours cut to part time It doesnt seem right to throw everyone to the wind, no wonder why they're getting restless
  6. Ontario is extending the emergency order until May 12th at least. No end in sight yet
  7. Novel coronaviruses are different than the flu. The problem is that you develop difficulties breathing/pneumonia and require hospitalization at greater numbers. If you end up on a ventilator to breathe, then you are on that ventilator until you're immune system fights off the pneumonia, or you die. Unfortunately the process of healing can take several weeks which takes up hospital space and uses up all available ventilators. H1N1 killed an estimated 3,600 Canadians over six or seven years. COVID19 has already claimed 228 Canadians in two weeks, and Ontario is projecting of 3,000-15,000 deaths in the next two years in our province alone. It would probably be better if this was a flu pandemic since we have vaccines and what not. Edit: should add that COVID19 is a SARS (Severe Accurate Respiratory Syndrome). We last dealt with SARS in 2002/2003 and they were able to contain it. This one not so much.
  8. If there is no intervention to slow the spread hospitals will be overwhelmed/overrun and it'll be a nightmare for everyone
  9. I can see that as well. But, at the same time a lot of money and planning go into these events. You could end up forking out millions of dollars for nothing
  10. It's not unrealistic. Toronto has canceled all events, including Pride, through June 30th
  11. Interesting how QC has 2,024 cases and 18 deaths (0.9% fatal) and Ontario has 994 and 18 (1.8% fatal) Has me suspicious a lot are slipping through the cracks here
  12. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/mortgage-deferral-rbc-banks-covid19-coronavirus-credit-card-1.5505704 Something like that
  13. I'm not 100% sure if the public schools are closed for good. Theres an emergency fund still being set up to provide $900 every two weeks for 15 weeks for those who dont qualify for EI. You'd still have to be approved for it first. And the 6 month deferrals were from the feds on bank loans like mortgages and car payments. You still have to pay that money back eventually and they still charge you interest during the deferral months according to CBC
  14. We have confirmed community transmission in KW too
  15. Same. Stay home, stay safe. I feel confident in our low(er) numbers, but that could all change on a dime at any moment. The harsh reality is this virus is contagious and the longer we continue on "light lockdown" the more cases we're going to see popup. Look at the stunt toyota tried to pull yesterday. This is how it happens