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  1. I can see that as well. But, at the same time a lot of money and planning go into these events. You could end up forking out millions of dollars for nothing
  2. It's not unrealistic. Toronto has canceled all events, including Pride, through June 30th
  3. Interesting how QC has 2,024 cases and 18 deaths (0.9% fatal) and Ontario has 994 and 18 (1.8% fatal) Has me suspicious a lot are slipping through the cracks here
  4. https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/mortgage-deferral-rbc-banks-covid19-coronavirus-credit-card-1.5505704 Something like that
  5. I'm not 100% sure if the public schools are closed for good. Theres an emergency fund still being set up to provide $900 every two weeks for 15 weeks for those who dont qualify for EI. You'd still have to be approved for it first. And the 6 month deferrals were from the feds on bank loans like mortgages and car payments. You still have to pay that money back eventually and they still charge you interest during the deferral months according to CBC
  6. We have confirmed community transmission in KW too
  7. Same. Stay home, stay safe. I feel confident in our low(er) numbers, but that could all change on a dime at any moment. The harsh reality is this virus is contagious and the longer we continue on "light lockdown" the more cases we're going to see popup. Look at the stunt toyota tried to pull yesterday. This is how it happens
  8. Southern Ontario just made it through the first panic run on groceries when they closed the schools. Cant help but wonder how many runs there will be in coming days/weeks. At some point stores are going to run low on stock. Quite surreal to see this is happening.
  9. I checked ontario records couldn't find anything for this date. Guess it goes like the Palm Sunday 1965 where the tornadoes didnt make it over the border
  10. The hotzone really seems to be from Stratford/KW north to Owen Sound east to Peterborough County and south to the northend of the GTA. Huron and Bruce County really seemed to have escaped the storm even though they were the original blizzard warning and areas east were added last night. Absolutely wicked storm. I took a short drive to St. Jacob's last night and experienced ferocious whiteouts. Dufferin/Wellington County have been hit hard apparently OPP are coming from as far as Bracebridge with their snowmobiles to get to stranded people. Also heard there are snow drifts as high as 10 feet in those areas.
  11. I feel like this has been going on for 4 years
  12. Line 86 really separated the high ice accretion to almost nothing. I drove up to dufferin county that night to be at ground zero and went from just a glaze in Waterloo to widespread outages and trees down starting at elmira. Seeing fergus at 10pm or so was an experience. Someone on twitter said the town looked like an EF2 tornado had hit and they were right. I got stuck on a county road off 109 and got help by an OPP officer. After that, I spent the night in grand valley and it was wicked. Continuous crashing all night from trees breaking. The next day was an icy winter wonderland. Would have been a catastrophic ice storm if it got down to kw/guelph/west GTA. There was almost no wind so damage was minimal. Though, when you drive from belwood lake to orangeville ,especially now with no leaf cover, all the trees are bent and drooping.
  13. March 2016 wont be remembered compared to how widespread Dec 2013 was, but we had up to 2" of ice around orangeville. It was phenomenal to witness