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  1. Snow has turned off. I'm going to shake the machine to see if that will start it back up.
  2. I am in Mount Union currently. Roads have caved. Moderately coming down. If it stays at this clip for a few more hours, the advisory will verify
  3. The dry slot, I'm okay with. I have plans in Altoona tomorrow night for the McGregor fight and would really not have to cancel that, so if we can squeeze some accumulation out in the morning and shut it down after that, I would be quite alright with that.
  4. The hell happened on here last night? I woke up to a notification and a message from Flathead that I have no idea what it means.
  5. Buy American next time, you ****ing communist sack of shit. #Wall
  6. I thought the day we ruined them on was the last we would have heard of them.
  7. But what about the worms? And did I read you correctly that you put oatmeal into the ground? Are you Eric Andre?
  8. I need somebody to quote my response to this. I'm turning my phone down for a bit to get higher than giraffe snatch and **** *want*, I *need* to read about mycelium fruiting bodies and worm depths high off my ass because that's probably the only way I will EVER understand what the **** you just said.
  9. Guys. I'm a graphic designer. That graphic is stupid and hard to understand.
  10. CTP took to the masochism device (Facebook) a while ago and begun making the mongrel horde aware, therefore setting up their week-long torture. As a kid, I thought hot candle wax on the back was the height of pleasureous pain. These nerds out here getting pitchforks shoved up they cracks. Hardcore, man.
  11. Holy god, it's noon. Boy, time sure flies when you're chained to a desk.
  12. Jackson Hole was what the "ten years of age and under" wing of Neverland Ranch was called. I'll see myself out.
  13. **** Twitter. Jack Dorsey should be sent to the Hague for crimes against humanity with Twitter.
  14. Turns out, they're all masochists that get off on the general public slamming them on Facebook while holding up rodents as more accurate, and so they just continue to sound the alarm knowing how wrong they'll look. Or they're trying to get the same horde of morons to run for office, become elected, and end the National Weather Service, which is probably more likely.