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  1. I hope the liquor store is ready for me. I'm coming for them.
  2. I gave your wife the big 8" last night*. * That's 2. Four times.
  3. The models sniff out the classics a week in advance and then generally lose them temporarily about 3-4 days out, only to find them again. I wouldn't be shocked if we lost it either midday today or tomorrow for a few runs, but considering CTP is posting info graphics this far out, it seems like it's a good shot.
  4. Just build a bunch of Chick-Fil-A's at the Mason Dixon line. That'll slow it right up.
  5. Kinda makes me think of the February 5, 2010 event...
  6. Your mom had something on the 18th as well as a potential hahhaha
  7. Stormtrooper or S&S was the name of my Panzer Faust band in high school.
  8. And 22 minutes ago, CTP began the hysteria on Facebook.
  9. This is absolutely better than anything we had last season. I think the January 20th? threat was as close as we got last season?
  10. Let's nudge that a might west so the guys on the other side of the Allegheny front can score a substantial hit, as well.
  11. sounding the alarm for "potential blockbuster." These chips are getting heavy already...
  12. Well would you look at that. I'll be right back. I gotta go exchange all this money for some chips.
  13. When's the last time you saw a doctor in the wild? Any of you? I think they've all been replaced by Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants. We have been without doctor coverage since 2010.
  14. I can't help but notice you've tempered your excitement on these posts from posting about big events 700 hours out to light snow at some point in the future. That's when you know it's been a few shit seasons with no end in sight.
  15. It's actually the Ohio Valley from Cincinnati through Knoxville. The piedmont gets more snow than the ridge and valley Appalachia anymore, but we're probably more comparable to the Ohio Valley.
  16. Right. It feels seasonal. I'll take this for December 2nd. It would be a bonus if there were some damned snow falling or laying.