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  1. That’s a cool image. Live report from ILM. No snow on ground...lol. and thank goodness my kids school (in Charlotte) didn’t cancel class today.
  2. Snowing in Wilmington .lets see what happens...
  3. Not that anyone cares... but I’m in Wrightsville Beach... still raining
  4. I’m in Wilmington for work tonight. Made the 3 1/2 lovely drive in constant steady rain. just stuck my head outside...and still just raining steady here.. fwiw
  5. Yep. Dp went from 30 to 28 about an hour ago, now back up to 29
  6. Very light sporadic drizzle in Charlotte.
  7. 43 degrees this AM in Charlotte.. radars definitely not looking to be an issue,
  8. I’ll be running away from any winter weather tomorrow. 10:30 meeting in Charlotte, then have to be in Wilmington by 4/5....y’all have fun
  9. Just can’t see much clearing from the looks of this... https://www.star.nesdis.noaa.gov/GOES/conus_band.php?sat=G16&band=GEOCOLOR&length=12 ed:maybe not the right band to look at ed2: looking at Sugar webcams, definitely clearing there,
  10. Haha, noticed that too. But I went to MS State, so I figured it out.
  11. Ok. Point taken. But you have to admit that first map was pretty bad. The follow ups made more sense, and I’m not talking about forecast amounts people.
  12. Literally every zone this guy forecast is basically exactly the same “a few or a couple or several inches” ...why is the UNCC Grad student held in such high regard by some here, but real, actual meteorologists are not.
  13. Ever hear the phrase, “It’s not you, it’s me..”
  14. In the 13 years we’ve been here it’s probably only the 2nd time I’ve gotten our one safe space (a closet) cleared out for sever weather. My daughter (home sick from school) thought it was pretty exciting for a few minutes, getting to huddle in the closet with mom. Totally foreign to her. I’ve always been fascinated with tornadoes, and have been real close a number of times, but I’ve got to say, it’s been kind of nice not having to worry too much about them here in the Carolinas.