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  1. live cam from Scituate
  2. glad Boston got the record. South Shore smashed it weeks ago. Scooter may have a lil buzz....just saying.
  3. I always respected his opinions. Wasn't a red tag but he knew his ****. RIP man.
  4. On and off in EB, flashes, downpours, lulls, downpours. Steady wind. Got the the dog to ****e in just the right time!
  5. picked up considerably with snow and wind in last hour EB...
  6. I'm a lurker but know exactly what you mean....such a wide range of personalities....Kev, Scooter, you, James, messenger, 40/70, Ryan...etc.....good mix in here!
  7. 3" in East Bridgewater....meh so far