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  1. I drove from Pensacola west to NOLA several weeks post Katrina. Most of the damage I encountered in Pensacola was from Ivan. But as I was driing west if I wasn't specifically seeking out hurricane damage I barely would've known a hurricane had just hit until I reached about 10 miles west of Mobile. And as soon as I hit Pascagoula you could tell how bad it was and it was increasingly nuclear as I hit Gulfport and Biloxi, and ten miles west of the casinos the damage was as bad as the damage I saw in south dade after Andrew. Once I reached NOLA the damage was underwhelming compared to what I had seen in MS.
  2. I believe we are long overdue to have a major hurricane with CAT 3+ winds strike a major population center. New Orleans barely gusted to CAT 2 in Katrina, Wilma had CAT 2 gusts in MIA, PBI, and FLL, Charleston only gusted to CAT 2 in Hugo, and I don't believe downtown Miami gusted much above 100 in Andrew. I just wish we had hit the trifecta and dodged the same bullets we dodged with Matthew and Irma, and dodged the worst bullet of them all on November 8th 2016.
  3. Outside of the immediate Naples/Marco Island areas and the lowly populated, low income Middle Keys minor damage is the legacy of Irma in Florida. Katrina and Wilma were much worse in the 6th NYC boros of SE Florida. If Nate pans out the tv images will be much more dramatic with half the amount of tv crews camping out along the redneck Riviera which is probably the nicest stretch of beach in America.
  4. If this were to hit as a Cat 2 or 3 launching a direct hit on Destin/Fort Walton/Panama City it would cause a lot more lasting damage than Irma.
  5. At the risk of sounding aggressively contrarian I doubt the validity of those 120 knot gusts in Naples. I saw all the reporters from twc and the three cable news nets and every reporter was able to continue standing up all the while remaining live, on air. And some of the networks were on balconies and elevated parking garages.
  6. Andrew destroyed entire shopping centers. The type of structure was wholly irrelevant. Everything was destroyed in south Dade county and anyone on the ground there will attest to this. The damage in Puerto Rico although severe and politically momentous is not comparable to Andrew in any way, shape or form and I'm basing this assertion on aerial footage and my 1992 experience on the ground.
  7. Thanks for the clarification Josh and thanks for your great work covering the hurricanes this season. I'm glad you're getting some much deserved national publicity via Weather Nation. The damage photos I saw suggested CAT 3 damage but I will defer to your better informed on the ground opinion. You seemed to get out of the Southern coastal part of the island en route to the SAN Juan airport rather quickly. How did you manage to get out so quickly? Lots of credible reporters on the ground have been saying the roads are impassable.
  8. He is indeed smart but he has a weak voice and because of this he'll never have a successful career on television. Right wing think tanks exist to book their so called scholars on Fox news and have their pieces published in national review. But the key is to get booked on cable television and if the producers like you they'll give you a contract.
  9. Thank you for the informative post. Your private assessment of Ryan seems to be consistent with his public persona.
  10. Living in the internet bubble is really hurting the sensibilities of some of you guys. In the real world we don't have the option of appealing to a moderator asking him to click the delete button. As for maue, he's sought the limelight via the nexus of politics and weather. He knows politics ain't beanbag.
  11. There's a lot more money for the Ryan maue's of the world to be made in conservative climate change denial, than producing weather maps. That being said maue prides himself on his intellectualism and I get the sense he feels intellectually superior to a clownish Hannity loving showman like the self described big Joe bastardi.
  12. Whoa! I've introduced politics because we live in an era when everything is political. Cable news ratings are going through the roof and football ratings are dropping like a rock. I can understand people criticizing me for bashing someone like Rick Scott. My comments were incendiary especially considering the fact that most users on this board are white males and white males in the United States are overwhelmingly Republican. But you my friend are playing the race card. People in Jacksonville, North Carolina know what to do when a hurricane approaches or threatens the North Carolina coast.
  13. I have tremendous respect for Josh and all his peers like Mike Theiss. Without their images and reportage I wouldn't be able to make such a declaration. I'm not necessarily downplaying Maria. I'm just saying that in terms of sheer power as far as Puerto rico is concerned it's not comparable to Andrew
  14. It's a tough slog to get Maria or any hurricane to the Northeast coast. We are due however since there have been only three landfalling hurricanes to strike the Northeast directly in the last 57 years. We don't have accurate records, so perhaps this is historically outside the climo norm.
  15. Josh Morgerman is one of the most experienced hurricane observers on planet earth. He was covering the hurricane for satellite weather provider Weather Nation. In the footage he provided and in his narrative reports I do not see evidence of well built structures being totally destroyed as was the case in south dade county during Andrew. I stand by my assertion that Puerto Rico was hammered by the affects of a strong category 3 hurricane. I expect the Caribbean metropolis of san juan to weather this hurricane quite well and I don't see a devastating effect on tourism.
  16. The most experienced hurricane chasers in our hemisphere were on the ground there and their reports and footage suggests CAT 3 damage from my vantage point.
  17. The folks in Coral Gables at the NHC need to learn this as well. I want everyone to take a moment and watch clips of Dr. Bob Sheets during Hugo and Andrew and remember what a strong leader and communicator he was. Someone needs to go in and take control of the NHC and be able to go on tv during a major hurricane and be able to articulate a message.
  18. Forward speed also plays a role which you've mentioned before in reference to the fact that Charley packed a strong punch over Orlando in 2004 because it was moving relatively fast. Wilma packed such a strong punch in the south florida New York 6th boro counties in 2005 because it was moving fast. Edouard fell apart in 1996 off Nantucket because it was moving so slow. We don't have much satellite evidence but the forward speed of the 1938 new England storm of the century played a role in the devastation in southern new England.
  19. The ratings are in and CNN's numbers went through the roof on Sunday. The 25-54 age demo is the only metric cable news advertisers care about and CNN had more viewers than FOX and MSNBC combined in this demo. FOX and MSNBC were close with FOX finishing second. Wow, how the mighty have fallen. It wasn't too long ago when FOX was dominant in all categories. I haven't seen the numbers for TWC but they were sure were greedy. The three cable news nets were limiting commercials and TWC for most of the day was running a lot more spots.
  20. Not true. Damage in the keys is consistent with cat 2 damage. Reporters have been surveying the keys from top to bottom and they're not seeing any evidence of widespread damage to well built structures. Key west is the wealthiest city in the Florida keys and it escaped with cat 1 damage and minimal structural damage. The low pressure was a lagging indicator. Irma played pepper with Cuba for 18 hours and emerged a shell of herself.
  21. He's whip smart and very provocative but there's more money for him to be a tool of the far right while he aligns himself with a right wing think tank. Cato isn't paying him to forecast the weather. They're paying him to minimize the effects of climate change and take cover behind his PhD. I applaud him for distancing himself from bastardi however. Sean Hannity is the least respected broadcaster in the history of cable news and the bastardi Hannity association is an example of two gentlemen who reside at the bottom of their professions.
  22. Please stop with the self righteousness and stop condemning people on an anonymous weather board when millions of people watching on television shared similar sentiments. A hundred thousand people a day usually watch the weather channel. During potentially catastrophic weather events these numbers spike to over 3 million and CNN's numbers were going through the roof and they weren't tuning in for paddy cake wind gusts to 50 in your back yard.
  23. It's outrageous there are multiple high level vacancies but in a republican controlled government destined to prove that big government is a bad thing no one should be surprised. ole Rick Scott all of a sudden loves big government especially since it's a ticket to try and win a 2018 Senate seat a race in which he's the clear under dog.
  24. Despite my criticism nhc provides a great service and even though I liked Neil Frank and Bob sheets in 1985 Gloria and 1991 Bob none of us civilians could access their data or discussions. Times sure have changed. Within one minute during a hurricane anywhere in America we're able to access coverage from just about all the local television affiliates in the affected areas. Great coverage, great access.