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  1. CTP mentioned that possibility in their morning discussion. But I’m really doubtful that’s going to happen at this point.
  2. Have about an inch of wet snow so far - sticking to everything. Beautiful. 33.1º
  3. Put down a quick .25 here and looks like another decent band moving in. Currently at 33º.
  4. This would be welcomed: Area Forecast Discussion National Weather Service State College PA 1045 AM EST Sun Jan 3 2021 .NEAR TERM /THROUGH TONIGHT/... Latest NBM and WPC guidance support most likely snow amounts ranging from 1-2 inches across much of central and northern Pa, with 2-4 over the higher terrain just north of I-80. However, there is a decent amount of spread among HREF members, with some hinting at the possibility of briefly heavy snow rates between 20Z-24Z in the corridor from around KUNV to KIPT. Although not likely, this scenario could result in a couple more inches than anticipated in this area.
  5. Happy New Year! Bottomed out at 21.9 here this morning. Could take awhile to scrub that cold air out, so fair amount of freezing rain seems likely. Am debating whether to break out a Frost Guard windshield cover I bought several years ago, but have never used. Only use my car on Wednesdays so many times can count on warm temps to melt any ice before I need to drive. But with the possibility of more ice Sunday, will probably bite the bullet and put the cover on. Which I’m not looking forward to due to some vertigo problems. However, sure beats the prospect of scraping ice. Hell to get old. Haha. I envy those of you with a garage!
  6. Can always live vicariously through the models and no matter what actually happens...there’s always the next model run. Reality can be so boring!
  7. For sure, every time I FaceTime for an hour or more I’m thinking to myself not only how incredible the technology is these days but how great it is not having to worry about how much it’s costing! At least you were able to experience a great snowstorm even if it didn’t stick around for very long. How much rain have you gotten?
  8. Ended up with 1.58” of rain for the storm and just a light dusting of snow so far — probably about as much as I’ll get. Currently 31º at 3:50am. Am FaceTiming with one of my sons and grandson in Tokyo in about 5 minutes and was hoping to show them it snowing. And it just stopped. Bummer. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  9. Have measured 1” rain so far with a high of 40.8º and now sitting at 40.1º. Am assuming temps may rise some ahead of the front, but so far we’re way below the predicted 50º. Only have about 3” of snow left on grassy areas. Lots of dirty snow piles. Would be nice if we could get enough to whiten everything for tomorrow. Wishing everyone good luck with the potential flood situation. Nobody needs that at any time of the year!
  10. That really does suck. Sorry to hear about it. Hopefully you can find an insurance company that looks at individual situations instead of going by blanket company policies. Know that may be a long shot, but wishing you the best.
  11. Good point. Wild weather is best left to non-holiday times. The end of my post was in jest.
  12. Haha...well, if we’re going to get a rainstorm, I say at least bring it—hard rain and high winds—although not wishing power outages for anyone. Especially for Christmas. Then again, might make it memorable.
  13. Recent snowmelt had the tree barks so saturated that the cold trunks were steaming in the bright sun this morning...a lot. Kinda cool.