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  1. If this is the same storm I'm remembering, I remember it very well. Was only 10 at the time and my family was living in Harrisburg, but we visited my grandparents who lived in New Providence (outside Lancaster). They were without power for many days and travel was impossible. By the time the roads were plowed and we could visit, people were driving around with flags tied to their car antennas so you could see them at intersections - which blew my young mind at the time. It was the first really big snowfall I'd ever seen and it left a lasting impression. My fondest memory was you could walk on top of the snow, if careful. But when you broke through the crust you were pretty much stuck and had to carefully slide back up onto the crust to be able to get anywhere. The snow was so deep and the crust so hard that you could build tunnels without needing to find a snow pile. Haha...it was great! I can't recall how much snow they actually got. Somewhere around 3 feet sticks in my mind. However, I think that's only how much was still on the ground by the time we got there. Some had melted and it had settled a lot by the time we visited.
  2. Low of 9.5 this morning. Snowpack hanging tough.
  3. My middle son used to live in Mammoth. It can be an insane spot for snow. He now lives near Big Bear (Roaring Springs) and is concerned his deck will collapse. They had feet of snow followed by inches of rain followed by more feet of snow and then more rain. There's no way he could clear it because it's been pretty much a solid mass since the first big storm.
  4. Clear skies, calm winds and a decent snowpack = 7.7 here.
  5. Am at 2.5" and 29.5º with light snow. Those returns to the W of Johnstown do look promising for Altoona, and maybe even UNV. Don't think we'll get much more here, but I'm actually happy with anything that doesn't include sleet or freezing rain for a change.
  6. That would be way too much to ask for in State College...however, it could have been all freezing rain and sleet!
  7. State College is only 1" away from a record setting wettest meteorological winter. Think there's a very good chance it will happen. That would follow a record wettest summer here.
  8. 3" 24.6/19 Radar filling in to my west. Hope we can pull at least another inch out of this.
  9. Nice! Were those cars bare to start?
  10. Good luck! Lightning becoming frequent and widespread south of Bedford. With stuff moving NNE I guess that bodes well for storm intensity?
  11. Cantore just stepped off the bus here.
  12. Yeah...am seeing that and more down in MD.
  13. Just measured first inch. Really nice start to this storm here. Now down to 24 (from 26 at start).
  14. +1 on the archive feature. Storage space is cheap enough...I'm no techie, but maybe more an issue of server load if made widely available?