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  1. kerplunk

    Central PA - Winter 2018-19

    That was admirably squirrely!
  2. kerplunk

    Central PA - Winter 2018-19

    As I sit here and watch the snow not falling, I am extremely disappointed by what the future has not delivered.
  3. kerplunk

    Central PA - February 2016

    Sure is beautiful out there this morning with 4.7" on the ground and still on the trees. Whew... snow sure is hard work - spent all of 5 minutes clearing the powder off my car and was able to back out of my spot without any shoveling.
  4. After reading the posts from you guys down south, seems a bit ridiculous to even bother posting this - but that band actually made it in here and we're getting light-mod snow!!! Easily 1" per 3-4 hours.
  5. Am hoping that band now coming in from the east is the one that finally makes it in here. Will probably be our last hurrah, if it does. So here's hoping!
  6. Yeah, I remember a storm where Lewistown got 12" and State College got blanked (or very little) - and that's only a 20 mile difference.
  7. Pretty cool live stream from Beaver Stadium - http://centre.weatherstem.com/beaverstadium - there's a link labeled "Live Stream" in a menu right above the temperature.
  8. Have a question on the HRRR - when looking at the snowfall totals on the PivotalWeather site - which method is preferred - Kuchera Ratio or 10:1? Thanks!
  9. Hmmm... heavier precip has been having trouble making it past about 6 miles to my south for the last half hour. Looked really promising earlier, but am now having doubts about previous thought that the gradient wasn't going to set up here. Just measured .5" with moderate snow.
  10. Try here - http://www.americanw...torm-obsbanter/
  11. Tend to agree - looking at the radar filling in to my south it's hard to buy into the sharp gradient being around I-80.
  12. Really like the look of the radar - have to say wasn't expecting it to look this good up here already (if at all) - 25-30dBZ bands appear to be filling in and headed to SC.