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  1. Hitting here with huge flakes. Wouldn’t call it a whiteout by any stretch. Temp is pretty warm at 35º so it’s not laying on anything as today warmed up surfaces pretty good even though the sun didn’t break through.
  2. Just shy of 1 inch here. Temp at 31º Nice to see some accumulating snow even if it did underperform.
  3. Woke up to trace on the ground, light flurries and 28º — nice prep for maybe a couple of inches in the next few days. Still windy.
  4. Enjoying some wind-blown snow this morning in light squalls. Temp at 34.
  5. Seldom post because my meteorological knowledge is limited and so don’t have much to contribute. But do enjoy lurking and picking up info. However, this has lately been a lot about temperatures and conditions and it’s always interesting to see the wide range across the area. And there’s never much posted from Truly Central PA Current temp is 39ºand overcast (down from a high of 42º). Had a brief sleet shower when the front went through earlier. Temp has been falling since.
  6. 2.003” since 4pm yesterday. ”State College Area SD says schools are dismissing early today due to road closures caused by the heavy rain. All after school activities are canceled.”
  7. Dumb comment, but most radars are capable of zooming out past PA borders.
  8. Wind wasn’t forecasted for here - just saying it’s a waste to have this much drift-able snow without any wind. But am really surprised you’re not getting wind in York.
  9. Measured 11” on the ground this morning. Nice storm with all snow throughout. Would have been so much better with some wind!
  10. Really tough to predict using radar. Changes so quickly in storms like this when you’re on the fringes.
  11. Finally started to snow again. Nice sized flakes and light to maybe moderate. Am a little concerned about being on the western fringe of things here.
  12. Very cool - thanks for the link. Great site...haven’t been using it lately, but really should visit it more often.
  13. Light stuff streaking in from the SE while the heavier band is rotating in from the NE at the same time. Nice! Viewing RadarScope on a 60” screen is pretty sweet!
  14. 8” is a good report. Settled a bit during that lull and didn’t clear the board, but at least 8.
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