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  1. Yeah…been sitting here playing a little Far Cry 6, sipping hot cocoa under a heated throw and watching the maintenance crew struggle with shoveling it. Looks strenuous.
  2. Wind-driven snow here blowing horizontally at 32.7º. Was surprised when I looked at radar because it’s not really showing up much.
  3. Bunions busted big on the rain! In the future will refer to this as my BBB model.
  4. Light drizzle here and stuck at 33.1. Just cleared the board and it was slushy mess - must have gotten more rain than I thought.
  5. Pretty area. I spent countless hours wading the river bass fishing those rapids and islands up around Perdix and Banks Tower. Great fishing and awesome scenery; especially in the fall when the water was cooler and the island grasses and mountain foliage was turning. There were some old eel flumes out there that were great for smallmouth using lures. Fond memories for sure. But the river really changed a lot after Agnes and I never felt as comfortable wading familiar spots after that.
  6. Ouch…that’s no fun. You seem to get an unusual lot of wind. Used to live in the Harrisburg area and fished the river - am guessing you get wind from being at the base of the mountain and the wind coming downriver?
  7. Currently 32.7 with very light, wet snow falling for about the last 45 minutes.
  8. Seeing that on radar. Light drizzle here, but temp now down to 33.4 and falling.
  9. Went above freezing at 2:40am with showery rain thereafter. Currently at 34º and temps should start falling. Not expecting much, if any, additional accumulation. And certainly no drifting no matter how strong the winds get. The rain ruined that possibility. Hate it when a nice, dry 5” of snow gets ruined by ending as sleet and then plain rain. You can say what you want about a solid snowpack, but this kind of sucks. Then again, certainly made out better than many of you to the south and east. Guess I should count myself as lucky overall with this one. Sure looks cold after Wednesday—especially on the Euro—so this pack should stick around for awhile; helping get those nightly lows down. Will maybe even get to zero for the first time this season.
  10. Was wondering if that was freezing rain. Have seen some future radar depicting a brief period of freezing rain around 3:45am and then back to some snow again around 4am. Think we’ll get any additional accumulation? Agree…has been an interesting storm. If you could pick and choose various parts from all the models would have to say they nailed it. lol
  11. Had 5” of nice powder before mixing with sleet sometime around midnight. Thankfully got dryslotted around 1am and still eyeballing 5” so not much compaction. Temp at 29.1
  12. That band really put it down and it’s filling in nicely behind it. Eyeballing 2” here and moderate snow at 18.3º
  13. Southern ice storm is underperforming - more snow than predicted. Maybe a good sign?
  14. Can confirm that. Am under it now and not a single pinger. Looks like it will be brief - too bad it’s not a north/south oriented band, Haha.
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