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  1. Cool. I never see anyone mention it here. And hadn't heard of it myself until my son (who isn't into weather) sent me a link showing the air pollution in China decrease for Covid. That led me to the site and have used it a lot since.
  2. Am curious what you guys think about this site. Personally, it kind of blows my mind in terms of usability, overall design, and wealth of available info. Some really smart programming went into this to make it load quickly and have a pretty much seamless interaction. All while being highly customizable to your personal preferences. And they're always improving and coming out with new features. Pretty impressive, imo.
  3. Am too lazy to find the post, but am pretty sure I saw NWS say it has only happened in 4 previous years. EDIT: Haha...not like I got sudden ambition - just happened to come across this after having made my post: "In the Atlantic record of tropical cyclones going back to 1851, only five other years have had two systems recorded to have reached named-storm strength (sustained winds of 39 mph) prior to the June 1 start date of hurricane season. It’s a good bet that at least a few pre-season storms were missed in the pre-satellite era. Here are the known years with two pre-season storms, as compiled by James Kossin (University of Wisconsin–Madison): 1887: Two tropical storms (May) 1908: Hurricane One (March), Hurricane Two (May) 1951: Tropical Storm One (January), Hurricane Able (May) 2012: Tropical Storm Alberto and Tropical Storm Beryl (May) 2016: Hurricane Alex (January), Tropical Storm Bonnie (May) (note that Alex is arguably a late storm from the 2015 season rather than a super-early 2016 storm)" Full article here:
  4. Better get used to it. Just wait until NJ is no longer able to keep the Atlantic out of PA!
  5. Bummer. This one wasn't that big, but big enough to mangle everything. Lots of people don't realize bears love birdseed. I had finally managed to keep the racoons away using long poles hanging out from my fence that they couldn't grab and move, but the bear just grabbed the 3/4" solid steel poles and twisted them to where he could reach the feeders. Oh well.
  6. Awesome feeder...I used to have that one plus another 6 (different models) of the same brand. That was until a bear climbed over my fence and destroyed them all. Very expensive bear raid.
  7. "Going regardless" would be my guess. They are gamblers, after all.
  8. Round 2 starting with fine snow...24.4/17...only 0.5" from first round.
  9. Have dropped 3º since it started snowing - now 20/14. Just shy of 1/2" so far - with the back edge of the first wave approaching.
  10. First band moving thru here with a few pingers and moderate snow. 23/11
  11. Was 49º here at 3:38am and am down to 37º now.