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  1. I am not happy with my 14.9" of snow forecast. Mainly because it is the Canadian.
  2. Looks like something to watch late in the work week. Not a huge system, but maybe a few inches if it all works out. Probably will just disappoint again, but it is something to track at least.
  3. Someone forgot to lock it in. These wind chills the next few nights are going to be brutal.
  4. NAM and RGEM are a little further north and west with some snow late Wednesday, along with some freezing rain and sleet. Amounts are light... but something to track. The GFS and EURO don't develop this until further SE.
  5. Wound up with just under 4" here in Monett... temps never did get above freezing, but did get to 31. Models were just off enough to keep us under that magic number. Looks like the pattern flips cold again -- hope we get a few more clippers that sneak up on us in the next couple of weeks. There seem to be some signals for that.
  6. Models I am looking at show around another 2" or so for you. ??? Additionally, watch the larger radar and pivot. More snow will work back in.
  7. NWS Tulsa reporting freezing drizzle developing in the dry slot.
  8. I have 2 3/4" here in Monett as of 7:45 AM. It is 24 degrees, which is colder than model forecasts. If it warms to the expected 34 today, I would be shocked. Roads are covered.
  9. May not matter in the long run, but the HRRR is a bit off with the timing of the colder air... it is actually too slow. Temps are falling faster by a couple of degrees out across E KS than modeled. This could have big implications "IF" this trend continues.
  10. Yes, this is the most impressive part! I may have to sign up for the part of Charlie Brown here soon! Keep an eye on those temps the next few hours across Kansas and Oklahoma. Let's see how they surge!
  11. Buckle up folks... going to be an interesting (and likely disappointing) next 24-36 hours.
  12. Did I mention I am switching back to the 18z RAP for this model run? LOL... Seriously though, the line between cashing in and cashing out is going to be so thin. The ones right on the cusp will really pick up some decent snow.
  13. Thanks to you both! I am sticking with the HRRR. It looks better for us over here.
  14. Where do you all see the RAP beyond hour 21? It is only out through 7 a.m. tomorrow on the sites I use.
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