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  1. I wanted to measure what I got here in Orrville. It’s just blown around so much. From this afternoon until now. It seems like we’ve picked up 5-6”. Also, thanks for the replies. Don’t comment on here much. Always been a big fan of weather and enjoy following these events. I’m just a novice, so I apologize in advance if I ask any dumb questions. Thanks again.
  2. Radar is making looking like it’s starting to die out or is it just me?
  3. Best snow of the storm so far. We’ve picked up a few inches so far. The sleet stayed around for about 90 minutes. It smashed the previous 3” from earlier down to about an inch of crunchy junk. Friend was out a bit ago in Smithville and said the roads are awful. They already canceled school for Orrville tomorrow. Not really a surprise
  4. Switched to sleet and freezing rain here in the past few minutes.
  5. It’s blowing around a bit. I’m measuring between 3.5” so far.
  6. It’s been snowing consistently here in Orrville. No breaks since it’s started.
  7. Our local school district is already telling kids to expect no school Thursday and Friday. Said they will send home school work and may try remote learning.
  8. We’ve picked an additional 2” in short period time. Really coming down right now
  9. Switched to all ice pellets in Orriville Ohio. Was feeling good about this one.
  10. Removed snow from drive at 5:30. At this point I have maybe .750” of sleet and snow on the drive since then. It kind of looks like snow with some rain mixed in. Far cry from what they had forecast. I’ll be honest, it’s a bit of a letdown. I think school district will regret cancelling so early.
  11. Hope it stays that for you. Feels like kind of letdown in Wayne County. Was supposed to be near a foot for us as of this morning.
  12. All sleet in Orrville. Picked up a couple inches then changed over.
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