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  1. JB. I thought I remembered you were moving into one of the Parkes. Welcome to the hood. You should join us in the CVA FB discussion.
  2. This is why ya'll suck. An it happens ANYTIME it snows other than DC/NOVa " Ji Posted 11 minutes ago how can anyone be happy with this when Raleigh,Richmond and Norfolk are about to destroy us in the snow dept. 8-12 for Raleigh...bs Even better, your mods allow that to stay in a disco thread.
  3. Welcome. This is a place to go where you won't have the usual DC/Nova asshats thumbing their nose at anything outside of their narrow view.
  4. I'll be curious to see the Ensembles. Euro has a well known bias to amp things up...and God did it suck on the last storm.
  5. Try reliving it when you missed out on it by 50 miles. Spoiled.
  6. 5.8...centered in northcentral goochland. I work in manakin sabot, which is 30 miles from there......Heavy as ****.
  8. after last winter, DC/Balt should not expect a 12+ snow for 3 years. Ya'll just had the winter of the CENTURY!
  9. DC people need to realize that 60+ inches isn't climo. Real funny to watch these threads though. Ya'll need a real hobby. JonJon....keep raking it in, see you in 2 weeks!
  10. goodness....this thread=crap
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