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  1. I’m not telling you what to do. I’m telling you how I feel about your behavior. It’s disgusting and you’re a selfish idiot, the reason our whole country is sick and getting worse. Because you have to have one stupid dinner with your fat ugly family. Go ahead and block me. This makes me sick. Boomers are the worst. The privilege is insane.
  2. Dangerous and selfish. Several people on here talking about nightmarish covid scenarios that they’ve been through and you are bragging about being inside with generations of people. Irresponsible and downright stupid to post this.
  3. NYE maybe or is that out the window now ?
  4. Very sad - I hope the GFS is right because it’s gonna be miserable.
  5. So sad. Mother Nature doesn’t give a damn about Christmas, and I guess 2020 should end this way. What a kick in the balls.
  6. I often fantasize about Old 17 being the only way up ... simpler times
  7. I went to High School in Monticello. You're making me feel familiar. My twin brother and dad went to Cornell, i love that town. SNOWY PLACE! Monticello... I wonder where it was...I bet it was Kaplan's, the old jewish deli that closed before I was born. That's so darn cool! That spot is classic ...
  8. Yes!!! Not what it used to be , but still on old 17. I worked there a few summers.
  9. Nyc sub forum vibes in here this morning
  10. Remember all - at the last second ... the grinch returns all the things he took away.........
  11. Me too...feels personal... mood flakes and 27f imby atm tho
  12. Why does weather dot com for my area say 3-5 Christmas morning...?