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  1. Strangely enough, almost unwittingly drove past a small grass fire this afternoon (east Plano). First time I've seen one personally. The grass was definitely very dry, but no clue how it started- the median in the middle of the road was just covered in flames. Definitely hadn't been going on for long, but it looked like it was fixing to jump across the road, but again I have no real experience with fires (this road was between a church and a high school right as students were leaving, so it was busy). As soon as I grabbed my phone to dial 911, a firetruck rounded the bend into my FOV and took care of it. I guess that's just a little experience I wanted to share to which the severe drought here is relevant.
  2. Are you serious? I thought that was for all of Western KY...
  3. Looks like a tornado near Clinton, OK (currently) as well as near Sharon Springs, KS (earlier)
  4. Pretty pronounced debris signature on that now too.
  5. NW of Boise City, OK Braydon Morisseau on Twitter: "Expanded and sounds like a large tornado NW of Boise City, Oklahoma #okwx 9:28PM @PrairieChasers @RadarOmega_WX https://t.co/IZH9S1YKrs" / Twitter EDIT: Seems like some chasers are convinced it was a scud bomb (either this image or other reported tornadoes in the area). Guess we'll find out later.
  6. PDS warning(s) now for that storm for all of about 9 people in total + chasers
  7. WxTwitter can get incredibly chaotic but it's also very helpful for finding streams (especially when people actually credit the images that they post lol)
  8. Another very rapidly rotating wall cloud on that stream simultaneous to the other tornado (which may have been weakening, but can't see because he's not pointing at it).
  9. Livestream of tornado near Herndon coloradoweathernut - Twitch
  10. Pretty much all other CAMs show convective initiation though... We've seen multiple times where the HRRR backs off on initiating during the late morning on the day of only to just be wrong and in disagreement with the other models. Of course, storms aren't guaranteed either, but I'm just saying that this kind of situation is not too unusual for the HRRR.
  11. Also a tornado-warned storm approaching the Lubbock metro from the west.
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