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  1. Maybe people are just tired of discussing it. We know we’re screwed, if not health wise then certainly financially. It is what it is.
  2. Well, at least we ended up with a nice afternoon at the end of this heavy, miserable week. Feels great out there!
  3. Apologies. You’re right; just got caught up in everything going on. Will stick to the weather on here going forward.
  4. Guess they want to get out there before the economy is buried completely and they’re out of business. Who’s ready for the depression?
  5. Fair enough...but you agree that we’re royally screwed financially?
  6. Why? We’re screwed. Millions of jobs will be lost and the retirement savings of countless Americans are going to be wiped out. It will take the economy years to recover from this, if it ever does.
  7. So? I’ll take an early spring after how miserable the last two have been.
  8. What about this pattern suggests anything close to a snow event? My town isn’t projected to even go below freezing for the next nine days.
  9. This is what we get for relying on people who hate us for such an essential resource. As wonderful of a country as this is, we can be incredibly stupid at times.
  10. Ridiculous...but might as well have fun with it. Booking a trip to Vegas to enjoy the ladies of the night. Our society is beyond hope anyway. Long overdue for a major reset.
  11. There’s definitely going to be a massive depression due to all this hysteria. Might as well pull everything out of my 401K and have a ball before it goes down even further and I inevitably get sick.
  12. Completely agree. We just don’t take very good care of ourselves in this country. Bad diet, poor sleep habits, hardly any exercise, too much stress. It takes a toll and people age faster than they need to.
  13. Amazing how many people just discovered the existence of soap, hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes. Did they not clean or practice basic hygiene before this hysteria began?