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  1. I’d say we got another 1.5 inches here. Week total of 5.5 inches here.
  2. @gwlee7 The outages have not been equal at all. I’m so sorry.
  3. My family is reporting pouring snow north west of Ada. Says they’ve already picked up at least two inches.
  4. I’ve just now got power, data, and internet back. Which model for round two is looking good? From my limited understanding the HRRR and Nam3k don’t look similar to me at all. The HRRR is way south compared to the Nam3k.
  5. I’ve got three solid inches on the nw side of Tarrant.
  6. I’ve most of the grass covered here on my side of Ft Worth. Nothing falling currently.
  7. Sleeting here. Just a short burst.
  8. I'm in downtown Fort Worth right now and am seeing some flakes drift down. Temps at my house are at 22. Unless the sun break through the clouds, I see no chance of seeing temps hitting the forecasted 29 today.
  9. I haven’t budged 27 on the nw side of Ft. Worth. Temp highs have been consistently too warm here by 5 degrees or so since the initial front came through.
  10. It’s too early for me to celebrate after the near misses these past 5 years but the models are staring to show some alignment. I’ll feel much more confident once we are in high res model range. 60 hours for the nam3k, right? Still dry here, no mist or fog at all this morning.
  11. It’s 29 here in NW Tarrant and completely dry. I can’t see us getting to 45 today.
  12. Yeah but will that be fast enough. Unless that snow back fills, the end of the snow is approaching a bit faster than forecast.
  13. I’m in northwest Tarrant and it’s snowing but not at a fast enough clip to start accumulating. At least we haven’t seen it switch back to rain here.
  14. I know which one I hope happens and I’m setting up a measuring area in the morning.
  15. I’m in NW Tarrant, just rain. Though temp has dropped to 35 imby.