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  1. Lol, one of the warmest Julys on record thus far and you're complaining about a couple days of 70s. This month is running 4-6 degrees above average for most of the subforum, and probably won't end up much lower than that by the end of the month. Now THAT is anomalous, especially after coming off a rather cool June.
  2. LOL, the idiot who's not delusional enough to think it's going to be in the 60s and 70s for the entire week. Yeah, okay buddy. Anyone with common sense knows that the FV3 is not accurate in regards to surface temps. Has a painfully obvious cold bias that has been pointed out numerous times already by not only me but many others, including very respectable mets. NWS is forecasting 80s Wed-Sun for Elwood, IN. TWC is too (slightly warmer actually). Guess they're idiots too, amirite?
  3. LOL, there’s nothing unusual about it being in the upper 60s at 6pm in July if it’s pouring rain. Even then, the GFS is likely overdoing it. We get one below average day in the 70s (Monday), then we bounce right back into the mid-upper 80s for the rest of the week. In fact, there are some subtle signs that the heat may build back by month’s end. This month has been far better than the nightmare pattern we were dealing with last month and most of spring.
  4. lol what? Looks pretty average to me temp-wise.
  5. Models (especially gfs) have really backed off on the heat for next week in this area... NOT good. Really hoping it’s just the models being clueless as usual and this isn’t a trend.
  6. I didn’t either. Could be a streak of days 100+ as well. Roger Smith may have nailed it with his prediction of this summer being one of the memorable ones for heat.
  7. Strange. I remember a few years back ORD was a warm spot in the area. Now it seems to lag behind other reporting sites. Even on days with lake breezes, it’s barely warmer than PWK... sometimes not any warmer at all despite PWK being closer to the lake. Now DPA seems to be a warm spot which was never the case in the past.
  8. ORD always the lowest ofc... garbage sensor. Can't be fixed either for some reason.
  9. Hope it doesn’t rain for the rest of the month honestly.
  10. LOL, ORD being totally useless as usual Current temps: ARR: 90 DPA: 90 PWK: 91 MDW: 90 KORD: 86 Honestly, it’s a joke at this point. LOT really needs to do something about this. This isn’t isn’t acceptable, especially at a first order major reporting site. I don’t understand what’s causing this cold bias, but it’s getting out of hand.