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  1. Looks like a nice spring tease early next week with a return to mid 40s for a while after. Ready for this raw weather to finally give up and move on out
  2. Actually the 12z FV3 agrees with both GFS and NAM
  3. If only the Euro and Candadian models were on board even a little bit
  4. Didn’t realize we all lived in your parents backyard lmao. My man you just need to leave this forum
  5. Storm late this weekend is starting to look mighty interesting
  6. Heavy rain in Germantown along with 3-4 inches of packed down wet snow is causing a lot of street flooding
  7. Very heavy snow for over an hour now here just south of Dayton, picked up well over an inch. Still all snow, can’t hear any ice pellets mix in yet
  8. I think a solid 3-6 inches in Montgomery County. there will be ample moisture with this system. Snowfall rates will be tremendous, could boom imo. But if the warm air surges faster than previously thought, 1 inch of slush and a miserable rain could also be on the table.
  9. Looks like things are going to start to heat up (snow) next week.
  10. 4-4.5 here in Germantown, roads were a mess on my way to work
  11. Pretty good banding setting up in central Indiana. Hopefully it holds up
  12. Snow starting in Germantown (just south of Dayton) right now. Temps hovering around 10..... looking for 3-5
  13. Wind Chill in Dayton dropped below -36 ... making it the coldest it’s been since January 1994
  14. Very heavy snow squall just moved through southwestern Montgomery County ahead of the arctic front, dropped a quick 0.5, wind blowing it all around.
  15. updated GFS map on the potential quick hitter later this week