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  1. Should be pretty much done in Alexandria are right?
  2. Pretty much every school district is closed tomorrow.
  3. What are we looking at as far as sleet and frozen?
  4. Dont they usually use the LWX warnings? Which they already put a warning out with more snow than that. Guess they could change it today though.
  5. Im in Old Town Alexandria and it is a solid band for sure! Working out of our conference room because its the only room with a window lol.
  6. Solid flake size and rates in Old Town.
  7. Oh nice! Yeah, got a decent coating here but nothing crazy.
  8. Was snowing heavy in Alexandria, cars and grass covered. Seems to have lightened up a lot though.
  9. Lol E13, 10+ inches of snow for almost the whole State of South Carolina. 1 in a million year storm!
  10. What's with the literal meltdown in the long-range thread?
  11. I live right near DCA and if thats all the record then I dont know what to say. I am probably more near 8, maybe more now.
  12. Have not been looking at the radar but noticed the snow picked up again! Nice!