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  1. Welp reason why this storm is going to oblivion is a faster trof, this does not allow overrunning for much of us, if you want good trends, just hope the trof lags behind more or its FR game over with it
  2. Eps is the opposite lol, but it’s trended stronger/more influence with the low bombing out near Newfoundland like the gefs has
  3. Yoo anyways trof is lagging even more/more positively tilted, it has trended stronger aswell, sure we like a stronger/sharper trof but we don’t want it to lag to much o You can see how a bombing low acted to suppress things, basically like confluence, even with the adjustment to the trof, it managed to be a more suppressed run overallin my opinion this is our last shot in many parts of the SE, maybe we can have another shot down the road if the AK ridge tries to stay longer or and some sort of blocking around Greenland develops but once that AK ridge/NP block breaks down along with A likely +AO/+NAO, MJO heads for warmer phases, convection from kelvin wave heads to Indonesia, this will argue warmer conditions and a stronger SER, probably the other half of March unless we get freak ULLs lol