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  1. I personally wrote this one off because of my location of being extreme northern end of Spartanburg. But it is alarming that the temp and dew point here in Landrum are the same as Asheville on weather underground being 47/22. I could be wrong but I think there’s even more dry cold air on the way so we will see but I hope like HELL this doesn’t verify.
  2. All these low-key posters on the threat threads. I don’t want ice and power outages....but you know they do! SMH.
  3. Better chance in the upstate of Sc but that’s looking slim too - thankfully!
  4. Drought is over! Maybe trace to 1/2 inch here outside of cowpens in Spartanburg, SC and thankful for every flake that flew! Drove up to a friends house in Landrum/Campobello areas and they had a solid 2.5 inches on the ground by 10:30. Wouldn’t surprise me if they cashed out over 3. To those that didn’t get squat, trust me I feel your pain - Hoping for a big one later on this month!
  5. CJ on WYFF4 is also unenthusiastic about the event.....which brings hope? This is a Tough One To Call but as I say, heart break is for country music / I am ALL IN - come on upstate of SC
  6. An inch more than in my neck of the woods!
  7. Left Landrum several hours ago and it was pouring snow and drove up 85 and it was rain and freezing rain. Finally switched over an hour ago and it’s piling up quick. Hope the HRR will be good to me till around 6AM and a nice snow is on the ground - Doubt I’ll sleep tonight until I hear the sleet coming down in which I’ll cry myself to sleep - Haha!
  8. Guessing it takes longer to come East up 85 - sitting on the northern eastside of Spartanburg county - all signals seem to be pointing at an ice storm for our area, we shall see
  9. I agree that any accumulation could be bad but don't bank on those totals actually accumulating. No where near cold enough at surface, should be raining heavy at times which minimizes accretion
  10. Our temperatures in the upstate along 85 have hardly budged. Looking at 42-43 with a DP in the upper 30's. Been reports of light sleet and wet snow north into Inman and Landrum. Banking on the HP doing its thing later this evening to really cool down the surface temps.
  11. absolutely - I work up that way and told many that a potential huge snow was coming their way - I'm probably 10-12 miles south and east of Landrum right on the I-85 corridor but luckily my area IMO is still considered Northern Upstate - it's such a sharp gradient in these locations! Hoping for a bigun!
  12. Burrel I hope its right - My issue early on and even now are marginal temperatures at best. Many have talked about it being an issue in the upper levels but I think it is still a major deal on the surface. Temps did not get as cool last night as originally forcasted so even more radiant heat must be expelled. Us GSP-I-85 people understand how hard it is to get even the surface levels down to below freezing then mix in some upper level warmth from the low in the upper levels and it has potential bust written all over it. I'm no expert, don't claim to be just a redneck with a commonsense approach to figuring out what will hjappen in our area. We need to hope the HP funnels some cold air down in a hurry! And hopefully it will!! This is no shot at mets and professionals, what they do is hard, especially in this region. They all do a great job
  13. Seems to me that GSP and Upstate struggling these past few runs - but it doesn't take but one to turn this babe around!
  14. This was the basis of my question earlier that I wasn't sure if someone answered it. It is of better hope that the global models pick up much better with the HP placement and strength while the NAM does better with the thermal profiling of the CAD once the HP is set in place? Also someone mentioned earlier that I wasn't sure if it had been answered. Is the fact the NAM is much closer to the event over the southern plains region should we use that model trend as a better gauge for what's going to happen in our neck of the woods. Or since it's a CAD event, the NAM's trending projections of the southern plains isn't as neccessary to what happens in the South East? Any input is appreciated, thanks!
  15. Tony, though I act like a kid many times - I wish I still were - I'm a gradually wilting away adult that holds on to snow models that makes him feel young again! HAHA!
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