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  1. Don't know if this was posted here yet but for what it's worth, DT released his preliminary winter prediction. Overall, he seems quite bullish for the east coast https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?cid=1ca2f9a16d1a6375&page=view&resid=1CA2F9A16D1A6375!10383&parId=1CA2F9A16D1A6375!221&authkey=!ANupiTNyPXQDbOA&app=PowerPoint
  2. And after 6,703 mid atlantic sub-forum posts related to this storm (threat threat+storm mode thread+this thread), this storm is wrapping up here in McLean with a little over 10 inches on the ground. What a fun storm to track Would really be interested in hearing a post-mortem by one of the more experienced members of this sub. Talk about an overperformer-a couple days ago we were saying we'd consider ourselves lucky if we got 5 inches of snow.
  3. Maryland, you're in the jackpot right now. Wow
  4. A couple more bands to move through before this thing is set and done. (also, wow that band in Maryland)
  5. Still coming down pretty heavy in McLean with no signs of stopping on the radar for at least a couple hours. Tried to go out in the car, but roads were an absolute mess and turned around.
  6. Good time to remember when we all thought this would be a 2-4 event tops, and crossed our fingers for 5
  7. Had a really strong burst of heavy snow over past 45mins or so. Slowing down a bit now but probably got close of an inch from it. Roads all covered again
  8. Big flakes now in Mclean snowing at a pretty good clip with this band (sleet only lasted a minute or two)
  9. Sleeting in McLean right as this band gets going :/
  10. Another nice band coming out of the SW moving NE (again, I removed clutter on the radar to highlight the stronger bands, the radar isn't this sparse)
  11. Had a big burst of heavy snow while out shoveling- lasted for about 10-15mins. Least measured a little over 6 inches here
  12. Still very light snow in McLean. Looks like we're at the foot of that huge band moving into Arlington/DC so hopefully we can get in on that
  13. Hoping this heavier band near Charlottesville is working its way up to DC (i removed clutter from the radar, which is why it looks so sparse)