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  1. Hope so. CLE seems less than impressed in their most recent long term section of discussion. Pretty much have written it off. Think that was the shortest duration of an HWO I have seen before pulled, when they were touting LES potential as early as this morning. In addition, BUF afternoon HWO trumpeting LES northeast of both lakes.
  2. 9" overnight, 18" for the event at cabin. Wife said "edinboro got dumped on" last night, will be curious to measure at home Close to lakeshore, pretty light. Looks like 2 or 3 " tops overnight
  3. Made our way to 10" at cabin (PA/NY border by Peak) for event thus far. Moderate snow as of now. Wonder if we can tickle 20" by tomorrow night... 5" tops at home in edinboro when I left this morning. Webcam indicated light snow during day, so maybe up to 6 there. Still only couple inches along lakeshore at work this AM Time to get fire going and for a snow-walk in the woods!
  4. 3" overnight at home, about inch or 2 along lakeshore. Zero snow all morning along lake. Looks like a nice long duration lake effect cloud event in the making. This "winter" can be done with already.
  5. Radar returns anemic. Temperatures have gone up a couple of degrees since dark across the county. Looks like storm done early. Zero snow along lakeshore in nwpa. Anxious to see what fell out at cabin by the Peak when I get there later tonight
  6. FWIW, it has flipped to snow already looking at Peek'n Peak webcams, very noticeable on the Terrain Park cam. Will stay at cabin tonight for sure, hopefully an overachiever.
  7. For those in the Lake Erie belts, photos from atop the RF2 Coaster at work here just west of Erie from this afternoon. Pretty much ice free, as far as i could see either direction. Little cloudy, but i think it shows the open water. Was pretty much locked up as late as Sat. 2/2/19 of this past weekend. LES in the cards again if any cold air appears.
  8. Not to jinx myself this early on in the storm, but it would appear my fear of low end amounts may have been premature... As of now, at my home 15 miles south of Erie PA, already at 2" with steady SN, flake size has been increasing, and must be pretty decent ratios as it was quite light clearing the driveway. Per WesterlyWX, the sparkle nature is there for sure. So hopefully this news bodes well for all of you off to my north and eastl That FV3 model CNY-WXFREAK has been hailing consistently showed the higher snow amounts for extreme NWPA, so hope it verifies. Will head to the cabin at the west end of the C Ridge late morning and stay til tomorrow. Looking forward to providing reports from my little paradise at the NY border. Hope you guys get the goods.
  9. We got 2.2" overnight into this AM, over performing as less than an 1" was forecast. If this "storm" we have been following the entire week then only manages to triple that with a whopping 6 or 7" at the Erie County, PA / Chautauqua County, NY border...what a winter.
  10. 13.5" at the Cabin, Peak reported 14", so not bad. Looks great out. Finally, the poor folks at Wilderness Lodge right down the road from our place get to open their cross country ski resort for the FIRST time this season on Saturday, after they do some more grooming at let the base freeze up the next couple of nights. They did not open with all the November snow as they dont feel CC skiing and the adjacent hunting are a good mix. Here is to some sustained cold & snow over the next couple of months.
  11. A solid 1/2" out at the cabin overnight (almost managed to get the ground covered), with raging mostly cloudy skies on the way to work. A fierce winter storm storm warning for heavy lake effect snow indeed. Winterless winter continues, my bitterness level trending north.
  12. Nice to see a chance for at least some accumulating snow again. 2018 Toyota 4Runner, Kumho Road Venture AT51 tires. Awesome in the snow, sand, and trails. Pretty comfy on the road as well. Toward top of Pikes Peak back in October.
  13. Time to issue my mea culpa. I am at the top of the blame pile - easiest call in the world was no snow / winter this year given my property purchase. Will probably be single handily responsible for the closing of Peek N Peak and the Wilderness Lodge resorts over the next decade, especially when we build our permanent home out there. Conversely, Mt. Pleasant ski area in Edinboro will benefit from record snows once I move. I could live at the top of Mt. Baker ski area in Washington state and their average annual snowfall of 663" would plummet. My apologies...
  14. More snow today out at cabin-land than I anticipated, can't underestimate elevation I suppose. Up to 16" for event, was snowing lightly when I left. Maybe squeeze out a foot and a half perhaps by tomorrow AM. Home in the 'Boro got 9.5" One night time picture, about 14" otg:
  15. Version 2.0 of my user name as i could not remember / recover my password for some reason. Anyway, to steal a line from Ron Burgundy with a twist, "Boy, that deescalated quickly". At the cabin, nice start late Monday night, with 7" falling by early Tuesday. However, then only an 1" inch all of yesterday. Last night, snow did not even start backup til about 3am, then only lasted thru 10am or so. About another 5" I am guessing, so only around 13", little over a foot. Heading back out after work for another look. Was quite hyped for a lot more, but snow stayed east for much of the event. Radar now is quite anemic. Home in Edinboro only received about 8" total at best, according to my wife. Both areas were well below what was modeled / foretasted. Maybe next time...