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  1. Crop it or reduce the resolution of your photo. Yeah the limit is 1.95 mb.
  2. Ty Millville for putting in the extra effort for us back here. Always loved reading your thoughts on what was happening. I hope you end up in one of your choices for forecast area.
  3. Light snow in Lititz. The storm that keeps on giving.
  4. Quick question? Lancaster showing wintry mix keeping down amounts. Do the thermals support that? Also with the globals showing high amounts in lsv nws seems to believe the lower values from other models. Is it better to be conservative from their pt of view when there is a difference? Thanks in advance for any replies.
  5. Wet here with what looks like some melting sleet on the deck. No snow that I saw, but as others have said, it could have been overnight when the 25 or so flakes fell.
  6. Heavy snow lititz northern lanco. No mix i see. Beautiful sight.
  7. This is what in Lanco we call our wishful thinking..... after many beverages of choice.
  8. Just wanted to say: Here on the forum we wait for snow, For all of us it makes us glow. Which is what was needed during this year, To bring us all some laughs and cheer. And while not certain of how much we get, All of us hope white and tons of it. But I really think what is so much fun, Is sharing the love of snow on here with everyone. So enjoy it and let it bring you cheer, Along with all your special beverages I hear. And when this snowstorm is finally done, Let us look forward to tracking the next one. Enjoy all!!!!!!
  9. I think i saw someone wanting thundersnow? From state college afternoon discussion. This target area will see a one-two (maybe even three) punch of warm advection heavy snow later Wednesday afternoon and evening, followed by a period of peak CSI-banded heavy snow with the potential for Thunder snow later Wed Evening through a few hours after midnight as the nose of a strong 50-60 kt easterly 850 mb jet and 130 kt upper jet focuses hefty uvvel and slantwise instability near and just to the NW of I-81.
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