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  1. Mid atlantic forum getting excited for latter half of jan and beyond. And usually what they get the southern half and hopefully the entire area gets. Would be nice to move that ridge in the pacific over a bit east to allow us to be on the colder side of the boundary with a storm track se of us.
  2. Beautiful winter day in Lititz PA. Looks like maybe we end up on the right side of the boundary later in the month hopefully. But will take what we can get.
  3. Graupeling here in lititz. Little bit laying on deck and grass. Very cool.
  4. Anything on the long range to look forward to? It was mentioned perhaps one more hurrah in late March or is that off the table?
  5. Driving from granville to lititz snow all the way. Roads did not cave until I hit 322 east. Snowing moderately here in Lititz.
  6. All nice and white in Lancaster county. Prob around 1.5 to 2 in. Gotta love little storms that can over deliver.
  7. Mr Horst saying March could be the snowiest month. Perhaps the new Feb http://www.atmos.millersville.edu/~wic/SWD-latest.html Here is to tomorrows start. March 1st. Personally I think this first one will over perform and we see 3 to 4 in Lanco tomorrow.
  8. 12z gfs looking mighty interesting for sunday Monday now. What a difference a day makes. Of course until the next model run.
  9. On wgal tonight Joe Calhoun normally pretty conservative was saying that the ingredients were coming together for a storm if not next weekend then the start of the week after. Could be he is referring to the storm showing up in the long range. If as everyone has been saying everything is coming together perhaps it is our time. I think someone said March could be the new February.
  10. I think this will be good test of the models seeming to show the CAD staying strongeracoss all levels than what we have seen in the past. How many times have models seem to bring in the warmth faster than what we have experienced?
  11. 6pm gfs gives us hope for early next week although it seems that the initial push of snow is now south in Virginia and then afterwards up our way. At least it is something to hold hope out for.
  12. Lightly snowing in Lititz. Nice to see amounts get upped in the short term vs going down. Heard from wife schools starting to cancel.
  13. Concerning weather models and global warming. I am familiar with modeling but not weather modeling. The question i would think is how much of a model starts from historical values or averages. As the weather changes over time those I think those could become out of step with current conditions. A model reading real time data which I would guess they all do sampled within the past few days or week I would think those would have more weight in the algorithms. I think for the most part they get general features right it is the details that get muddied which is I know what usually concerns us most.