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  1. Kent Country Rhode Island. Some rain, very occasional high winds, this is a nothingburger here so far. I’m in that line near PVD
  2. Middle of Rhode Island. Born in late 80’s. Never been in a Tornado warning in my life. Today look like the day?
  3. I second this question
  4. Sitting here in the middle of RI...weathermen keep mentioning the chance of a spinup overnight/tomorrow morning...but they usually don’t even mention it when we are at a marginal risk. Big chance?
  5. Does that mean from that point on, less likely to cause a tornado? Sorry, anxious noob
  6. Big chance the tornado watch swallows Rhode Island and the 95 corridor in eastern MA?
  7. You honestly think they would do a tornado watch in that entire area?
  8. Question to you folks: I am a bit of a weather-phobe. Sitting here in the middle of RI. Changes that any of this craziness really moves east? Mostly the tornado stuff, I mean.