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  1. Weenie

    Snow bomb obs March 21

    I'm just north of Boston and at this point we might not get any snow at all
  2. Weenie

    March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Here in Arlington, in SE Middlesex county like 5 miles from Boston we've been getting pounded on and off since this morning. Last measurement I took a half hour ago was 14" and growing fast.
  3. Technically should be on the observation thread but the snow just started on Boston, pretty light as of right now
  4. So I was away from the forum for a few hours, is cranky correct with the major shift east?
  5. Cranky is saying that the fact that the trof is sweeping and not digging and the fact that the low is racing ENE means that the Eastern guidance will win out. What does the forum think?
  6. What's the pressure of the storm right now? And how is the phasing going?
  7. 3k NAM shows a major turn NW with the system once it clears cape cod
  8. Trof is significantly more tilted this run, low is in same position albeit slightly deeper which has been the norm
  9. Just amateur observations but not only is the HRRR trending west by 50 or 60 miles every run, but the trof is digging down slightly further each time. Probably just noise though
  10. I'm at that point where I'm getting excited for a new HRRR slide