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  1. Any prolonged rain will keep temps below average.
  2. My point is that around average to slightly above would be hot this time of year.
  3. My guess is that July will have the biggest anomaly maybe 2 degrees above average while August an Sept are near normal, a degree either way, nevertheless long range weather predictions have never been reliable not even today.
  4. The heat is expected for this time of year the averages are close to or around 90
  5. We're lately finding with our changing climate analogs mean little and besides those averages are based on 1981-2010 normal temps, which don't reflect today's climate..
  6. We probably go to a warm dry pattern for awhile but not overly hot for this time of year since it is the hottest time of the year.
  7. Real and lengthy heat.... not a bold statement since the average then is around 90
  8. For sometime now euro at that range is usually very warm and very erratic..some upgrade!
  9. I would wait and see what other pros say besides hm on the pdo.
  10. euro always love heat 5 days out!
  11. I'm thinking most of the heat will be along the coastal plain in the east this summer.
  12. Above the 1981-2010 averages which is broken monthly these days.
  13. If you add 1 to 2 degrees to each above the 1981-2010 averages it will be more realistic for today.