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  1. steffen

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    absolutely ripping here at the moment. Heaviest so far today. Close to whiteout. Heard Wegmans here in Ithaca is closed. That's just insane! Has this ever happened before?
  2. steffen

    Upstate/Eastern New York

    Just went outside, and it sure feels like a raging blizzard here. May become my top favorite storm, and I lived in BUF for 7 years. Pretty much heaviest snow so far in the last few hours. Winds have really picked up. Some of the roads here seem all but impassable. Can't give a good estimate with all the drifting, but has to be at least a foot OTG by now with >2' drifts. Utterly enjoying it even though I was really ready for spring
  3. Heavy snow here in Ithaca at the moment
  4. this is crazy. Never expected to be under LES Warning here in Ithaca. Was just outside and it felt like Buffalo during the best storms. Was pretty much a whiteout at times. Snow piling up quickly.
  5. All snow here on West Hill since it started about 20 minutes ago.
  6. Coming down pretty good here. Feels like I'm back in Buffalo First time I'm under a LES advisory in Ithaca. Keep it coming!
  7. Nice surprise here today! Most intense snow so far this season in the past couple of hours. Even brief whiteouts earlier. Looks like we picked up over 2 inches since about 9am.
  8. Close to 2" here as the snow is winding down now. Sure looks like winter out there
  9. First flakes here just above Ithaca for the past half hour. Always exciting to see the white stuff again
  10. Really hard to tell with the significant drifting, but 8" for this storm sounds about right here.
  11. What a nice surprise this storm has been! Hadn't expected much at all out of it, and now I'm estimating around 6" already. And it's still coming down pretty good right now. Has been snowing constantly since late morning, but really picked up late afternoon. Probably the heaviest so far here at the moment. Close to an inch in the past hour alone.
  12. I'm on the West hill towards Trumansburg. It did get kind of tough to measure with the wind starting to blow the snow around considerably, but we definitely got more than 10 inches here. The 13 is an estimate and not an exact measurement. But some of the reports in the Public Information Statement (5-6 inches??) are really way too low.
  13. ended up with about 13" here. Woke up to 1F this morning.
  14. about 9" here with currently light to mod snow and temps approaching 7F.
  15. about 6" here so far. Continued light to moderate snow.