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  1. January 3-4 Noreaster Obs

    10" I'd say on the low end. Maybe 1ft but i don't get hung up on it. It was an over-performer though for real. Not nearly as much wind as forecast but I'm deep in the woods. Pup was happy but new Bolt under snow cover for a bit.
  2. January 3-4 "Threat"

    I hate dry slots. I'm not far from it but nice steady snow atm and just starting to get a little wind swirling.
  3. January 3-4 "Threat"

    I'm 15 miles inland from AC
  4. January 3-4 "Threat"

    We have Blizzard Warnings!
  5. E PA/NJ/DE Winter 2017-18 OBS Thread

    That looks real nice! Hope it holds up. Thanks for posting and Happy, Healthy New Year to you all.
  6. Holidays 2017-18 Mid-Long Range Disco 2

    Old lurker here but talking of the 78' storm always gets my attention. And what a storm it was. I was on the southern Jersey coast and have rarely see such intensity- winds ripping and the air thick with heavy flakes swirling in every direction. It was a blinding snow. I was 16, walking a back road and struggling to stay stabile in all of that. You couldn't see an arms length away. All of a sudden, a flash and clap of thunder that literally made me jump backwards. I actually trembled for a moment before I realized what it was. I had no inkling that lightning and thunder could occur in snow. Sorry if this is off topic but I had a moment of weakness. Thanks to all AmWx posters. I really enjoy it since the days of northeasternuswx news group and DT firing off crazy posts lol.
  7. 2/13/2014 Major Coastal Storm Observations

    Getting crushed here, central Atlantic county, for the last couple of hours. Don't know how long this will last but it's real impressive right now. Heavy snow, a little breezy but not much wind. We'll be close to 6" by 3am. I'm ready to hit the sack but too fun to watch. You would think I was 7 years old. Oh, there's a few more in this group who understand.
  8. Did anyone see the Cantore Knee the Noob? He's way cool.
  9. Close to 7 inches here in central Atlantic county. Over-performer +++. Winter score: A++ and its not even Feb. Amazing!
  10. Mid-Winter Report Card

    By Wed am my grade should be A+.
  11. I read in midatlantic they are calling for generally .1 qpf and dc area is higher. Less for southeast NJ/shore areas?
  12. What's the Weather Where You are?

    Kevin, In my area we've had low temps dropping far below projected lows for quite a few nights recently. Tonight we were forecast to be low of 57 but actually recorded 48. I imagine the entire MA region is similar. I use Accuwx for the forecast btw - maybe that's the problem? TIA for any insight you can share.
  13. 2/2-3 virga/flurries/lgt snow obs

    Radar looks slightly interesting to our south with action popping off the coast of SC/NC and the inland line approaching from the west. This all just goes off the coast or any chance things get juiced up? Steady light snow here on top of c-2" remaining from the last blizzard.
  14. The 2012/13 Ski Season Thread

    Ok, longtime lurker here but have a need to respond to this. Please excuse my flatlander location (NJ yuck!) But I am a true NE winter-lover and ski bum at heart. Here's my list in no particular order: Pico VT - got my start here at age 6 in Feb 1969 or 1968? An absolute killer storm we travelled through from NJ all the way to the mountain. Snow was amazing the entire way and the images forever embossed in my mind of cars in the ditch, ambulances/lights/sirens, and my dad constantly pulling over to get the snow out of the engine compartment of our 1966 Chevy. 36 inches fell - maybe more. Got to the ski house on the side of Pico at 1am after being in the car 15 hours. Owner got us up the access road in his 4wd and when we woke in the morning and opened the door there was a wall of snow. Great memories of the Austrian ski instructors, fondue and early Warren Miller movies in the lodge. Wow, still makes my hair raise up. Killington - many trips there in the 70's. So many good memories. Had a gondola accident where the car behind us lost grip on cable and crashed into our car. Ruined my skiis but they gave me a new pair of Atomics. Saddleback - I love this place and desperate to find a vacation home in Rangeley. Taught my then 6 year old girl how to ski there in 2010. Hunter NY - again, many good memories and a lot of fun trips. Grandma lived very close so we made numerous trips. Park City and Deer Valley - what can I say, it's Utah. Gotta love their 'beach bars'. Mt. Bachelor OR - quite a challenge for a flatlander like me. Tons of snow, very nice people, even better beer. Oregon is a fantastic state from coast to mountains. Termas de Chillán - Chile the word awesome is overused but skiing here, high in the Andes and above the clouds, is an awesome experience. The views are stunning. South American life is much more relaxed, slower pace and fun. Wine from Argentina and Chile is hard to beat.
  15. Nor'easter obs...

    Nice snow for early Nov. Coming down mod+ here in Atlantic county at about 34 degrees and with some brisk winds behind it. Beautiful...laying on cars and grassy areas.