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  1. Tornadocane

    December 2018 General Discussion & Observations

    The Tri-State area is basically threading the needle with every single storm this winter, but there are so many quick moving storms this year. There will be storms when its warm, and there will be storms when it's cold. I imagine there will be 3-4 storms that drop 3-10 inches of snow this winter, as well as some super coastal runners that bury the interior areas with 8-16 inches. Currently, the GFS is depicting some close coastal storms between days 5-14. Anything could happen.
  2. Tornadocane

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    Ditto in regards to the member's comments above. This is trending towards a record low ice minimum.
  3. Tornadocane

    March 2018 Model Discussion

    It says Initialized Thursday Mar 15 at 12:00z. That's today.
  4. Tornadocane

    March 7th 2018 Coastal Storm Observations

    I find it hilarious that some people are waiting for the rain/snow line to creep in from east to west.
  5. I don't need the Euro to tell me that thundersnow is going to happen. Gonna be a large area where its possible: Eastern PA, NJ, NYC Metro, Rockland and Suffern NY, CT, RI, and SE MA.
  6. I would not be excited for a BS storm. If you lived West of the Hudson river in NJ this is not a BS storm. This is could be a 14-24" thump from Northern Somerset County NJ to New London CT.
  7. I play with house money all the time. My advice. Just go home. Keep the money. You'll have won. The poster is ese of Manhatten. lol. Just be happy! At this point. We know what's on the table. Everything north and west of the hudson and near or N or west of the Bronx is going to get slammed. Everything around Manhatten is in this murky 7-14" zone. S and East is looking at 4-10". That's where we are at right now.
  8. Just be happy with your 6" of snow. Anything above that is just gravy.
  9. Make of it what your want. I lived in Paramus NJ for 23 years of my life. I have no dog in this fight as the only thing I can hope for in regards to exciting weather from this system is a brief thunderstorm and 35 MPH winds. yawn. I've been through tropical waves with 6 hours of constant thunderstorms and 40+ MPH winds and a couple of TS/Hurridances. During the last event I went low. This even I'm going high. The next even I'm going high. The pattern came together people. You guys are going to get it. The GFS is out to lunch in regards to Temperature and Precipitation. I see a primary in the Great Lakes providing some nice front-end snow and pulling a coastal low and accompanying heavy subtropical moisture into NYC Metro/SNE, and then the coastal low pulling ENE as a result of influence from the West Atlantic low that hit the area last Thursday. It doesn't get much better. And if it got alot better it would be a BECs.
  10. .2" an hour is equivalent to 2" inches of snow per hour. But given the dynamics, it could be 2-3" of snow.
  11. Its March. The cold air isn't that cold. 1-4" (2-4" during the heaviest part) is gonna happen. I'll guaran-damn-tee thundersnow. But it ain't gonna pile up at 6" an hour.
  12. OMG I wish this event was happening up in Paramus when I lived up there. The models are going to bust on the high side. Cold air is readily available. This event is most likely going to start at 3-4 am for NYC west and last for 30 hours - 16 hours of which is going to feature 1-4 inches of snow. Someone is going to lollipop in the 24+" range around central northern New Jersey through the Hudson Valley into Connecticut. That primary low is pulling subtropical moisture into cold air
  13. I was just thinking this last night. A lot of models seem to decay the low that sits along the coastline, because the most favorable baroclinic area is off to the east north east. Moreover, as the great lakes storm is absorbed into our coastal storm, its also being pulled east by the West Atlantic low pressure that affected the area last Thursday. If I were sitting across the Hudson in North New Jersey (including Bergen) or around Orangeburg NY/Yonkers, I would be extremely excited about the model runs today. There's a decent chance this is could be a MECS for you guys.
  14. Tornadocane

    Mid to Long Term Discussion 2018

    There's hope on the models.