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  1. I am in GRR and I agree they should upgrade to WSW. All models point to 6-8" of heavy snow and some ice possible. Right now they are calling for 2-4" which I think is too low
  2. Been a snowy week here! Picked up over 5” since yesterday afternoon and another 3.6” on Tuesday. Monday’s is gonna be the saver!
  3. Monday's system is about to be a very fun one and biggest of the year! Probably WSW criteria
  4. Gonna be a special for me too. looking at 8-14" with heavy snow here in Grand Rapids, MI
  5. NAM giving me 5-6" today. Temps don't seem to be a problem for my area, will be interesting to see how this unfolds.
  6. @cyclone77 What have you ended up with?
  7. Just over 4” 20 miles East of Grand Rapids. This system has over performed for me (:
  8. Just over 4” about 20 mi east of Grand Rapids
  9. Agreed, ratios will be higher than 10:1. They start at 12:1 and go up to 16:1
  10. 3-5" lines up with what I've been thinking and seeing for GRR. Euro was a beautiful 6" lol
  11. Totally agree! Only thing that sucks is the bulk of this storm comes in the overnight hours, the heaviest at least. I wish it was during the day so I could enjoy it :/
  12. I am excited for the next 10 days, a ton of potential and that wednesday system next week looks like it has some serious legs!