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  1. Could just be a wobble but that "eye wall" is looking very close to CHS...
  2. This weenie crap going on back and forth is annoying for those trying to learn about this storm (especially here in CHS). Going back to wxtwitter - which is saying a lot given the junk on there but at least there are actual mets posting and not stupid banter in this thread that has completely derailed what is usually legitimate and helpful, insightful information. .
  3. Curious, how helpful/accurate are these models (GFS/Euro) this point so close the landfall of the storm? Are there other models at this point in the short range that do better with storm direction? Or is it just nowcasting at this point?
  4. Regardless of what the models are telling us, what does the atmosphere look like now? How is the current track trending? Is it more N, NW, or right on track? Looks like its on the north side of the "cone" right now?
  5. Prepare for rain, that would be the biggest threat it tracks further inland and south. Could be very little, could be a lot more depending on track. Are you in a flood prone area that floods during heavy rain? If so, plan on being somewhere else just in case. If not, you should be fine. Follow the NHC closely. Have a plan. Don’t panic, be prepared and follow your local officials. .
  6. Sure:
  7. SC Governor McMaster just ordered the entire SC Coastline to be evacuated on Tuesday. See
  8. Looks like a nice little jog WNW on satellite.
  9. There is still a chance this gets dangerously close to Charleston. Don’t get hung up on the weather weenies here posting each model run as gospel. Charleston is still well within the cone of uncertainty. The models will continue to shift. By Tuesday it should be much clearer as to where this will go and I think you’ll be in a better position to make a call or not to come down to Charleston (I live in downtown CHS btw). If it’s looking like a likely major impact, they will issue evacuation for our area and all of the freeways will be reversed and a **** ton of people go to grocery stores and gas stations at the same time and it will be a little nuts. They would likely make the evacuation call by Wednesday. Went through this with Matthew a few years ago, which wasn’t even that bad of a hurricane. This could be much worse depending on where it lands. Follow official NHC forecasts, not weather weenies, and follow the local news here in chs (twitter is good place to get local news alerts). If it were me, I would definitely continue to plan on coming here as of now, and make the call to come or not on Tuesday. .
  10. I think that is prudent advice, certainly not ominous. Let’s not get hyperbolic (yet). .
  11. I'm in downtown Charleston and I must say I'm surprised about how bad it is here, especially the wind.
  12. So I live in downtown Charleston but am in Cali for a wedding. Baby is at the house with Grandma watching her. What day should we fly back to Charleston if we need to evacuate? I want to get back into CHS before flights are cancelled. When will Irma be near CHS per most recent model guidance?
  13. Any area that is low lying is flooded, its not really from any one bayou or river. My dad's neighborhood has amazingly been spared so far but all around them the streets and houses are flooded. There is a river but that hasn't been the cause of the flooding yet, its just been the massive rainfall with nowhere to go. If any area has even the slightest of elevation then they seem to have been spared so far, the rest is just water everywhere, almost looks like a lake.
  14. its pretty bad. My dad went out to rescue some coworkers and almost got swept away himself. He made it back to his office and is calling all his staff to see what type of help they need. One of their employees lost power & flooded last night. Their baby is on a ventilator. They were finally able to get in touch with emergency officials and they were airlifted out this morning. The baby is safely at the hospital. They are very concerned about infrastructure. Usually there is an evacuation and everyone is somewhere else with shelter and food etc. They don't return until basic services are returned. Now it is just the opposite. Everybody is there after the storm trying to get basic services on top of search and rescue. What stores are open (the HEB) are running out of food with long lines stretching outside.
  15. And their satellite is out and power is flickering, looks like you are right unfortunately. I was trying to give them some hope that maybe drier air or something is working its way in.