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  1. I see absolutely nothing at all that brings reminiscences of either of the 2 years. My thoughts lean, in terms of actual weather to date, towards a blend of 2000, 2008, 2010 and 2013.
  2. I know, but it was fun to post. It wasn't really intended in seriousness. The upcoming pattern for the next few weeks is pretty nice though. Need it to repeat in winter.
  3. I wrote a longer post but it disappeared. Anyway, great stuff raindancewx. I always enjoy the way you approach forecasting. Very thorough. Well done.
  4. Boomer!! We're gonna dominate the little pronghorns today. Sould be a great game. Heck of a way to return from hibernation, my friend! Lol
  5. IOD, descending QBO, Modoki atmosphere, in spite of what the surface looks like at this time and that HUGE HUGE storm due north all look fantastic for winter implications this year. As JoMo said, though, stuff could change. Seeing signs of a nice looking Bering Sea low developing in the future as well. I think the signs all point to a go for winter after week three of November down here. That's my honest opinion.
  6. Looking forward to the cool blast Thursday and Friday. Should wake us all up a smidge. Glad to see the heat going away.
  7. So it would be a safe bet to say that any warming in the eastern Niño regions is temporal at best and should likely see more warming going forward in 3.4? Also, do you know where a fellow could find SST reanalysis maps going back throughout the 1900s? I used to have a link to them years ago, but I cannot find it now. Thank you. I'm not on here much but I always like to pop in and read your creative, unique, and intelligent approaches to oceanic/atmospheric matters, raindancewx.
  8. Hello. Hope everyone is doing well this autumn. It's hot. Can't wait for it to end.
  9. I'm not around much on here anymore but good stuff, as always, raindance. I always enjoy the way you think and connect things.
  10. Excited to hopefully get to knock out this snow drought. Lowest amounts I saw was 1" for my area so that will work for November 12. Good luck everyone!
  11. I'm still here. What's this "snow" you speak of? lol. In all seriousness, looks like we're not done seeing increases. This looks like a legit warning snow for me if I'm extrapolating correctly.
  12. raindance is correct. The upcoming winter, if it errs on the warm side as the Nino forecasts seem to be making it, will be subject to long-term CAD events. (C.old A.ir D.amming) If we err on the side of severe cold, it will be major snow events for most of this area and very prolonged severe cold. If we have that odd situation where the tropics are strong and the cold is locked into the US all winter (think Russia the last 3 seasons), well, use your imagination about the severity of that.
  13. Hey all! Looking like a cold finish to October is in store. I'm getting very excited about the prospects of what late autumn and winter could bring to this area. This could likely finish as the coldest 20 days many of us have seen to close an October ever. That's pretty profound if you ask me. I understand that Canada's crops failed due to cold and most of their stuff has happened a month or more early. I'd say we should be ready for a real winter.