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  1. My comment won't get close to doing it justice but just wanted to say you do great work. That stuff is awesome to me.
  2. What a GFS run that was. Lol
  3. Getting there... If the Euro is too warm and too far West with the cold here, then I think we may have a candidate for a storm of some interest.
  4. I fully expect to see an interesting storm in our area near Thanksgiving.
  5. Yes. Going to be hard to see a late fall pattern better than that. When retrogression begins,.... boom. This winter could be pretty historic. Too many dominoes falling in a row for it not to. Looking forward to writing about a lot of exciting weather this winter. Really haven't had much weather to write about around here in nearly 3 years.
  6. We're heading into a pretty good spot for being November. Hoping for a bit of retrogression after this pattern sets up.
  7. N. Pac configuration and solar mostly. It was a strong La Nina but it fits an overall pattern of years similar to 2010-11, 1988-89 also. There's some huge potential for major pattern amplification and blocking once we get a little way into winter and all throughout the rest of it. That also shares the characteristics of 1917-18.
  8. I believe this year will be 100% different than the last 2. I think that we are in for a pretty wild winter around these parts.
  9. It makes me really happy but also disappointed. 200% more than last year is still below normal. Lol
  10. Gonna throw this map up. I'm still leaning pretty hard towards this.
  11. November looks seriously a lot like early winter from where I'm sitting.
  12. Looks like I would have gotten snow in about two of those really. Talk about winters of being one county away from the fun. Yikes!
  13. Things looking to take off pretty fast over the next few days. Very reminiscent of 2000 and 2013 in my opinion.
  14. Yeah. It warmed back up a couple of days but looking like we're starting a fast step-down pattern now though.
  15. I'm looking forward to it. I'm still working and waiting on a few things to happen also before I write my thoughts out. Things are looking good for my area, in my opinion. The next 2 weeks are very critical in the overall long term pattern. Trades burst looks to cool ENSO back down. Something to keep in mind also, +AAM, -QBO, and a climbing PDO all argue for a -AO and a period of at least some cold for a large portion of the US this winter.