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  1. Still doesn't look like its gonna be memorable here, at least for me. For it to be memorable it would need to drop over 1'
  2. Darn! Things were looking good for me last night. Today the blizzard watch has been canceled and instead of getting 12-18" we are only getting 8-12" I was hoping for something interesting.
  3. Darn! I was hoping to get ~2' here, but it looks like that wont happen this time.
  4. As it stands now, how much snow are we gonna get here in Seekonk MA?
  5. New euro run started
  6. Definitely OTS this run
  7. Ah, okay.
  8. What does that mean?
  9. Officially cat 5 now
  10. Officially a cat 4 now.
  11. Thanks! I guess I'll have to continue monitoring it then.