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  1. adk

    NNE Fall Thread

    Surprised how warm it has gotten overnight. Up to 37 in BTV and 33 in Mo-Ville. When that cold front pushes through there will be some pretty significant instability.
  2. adk

    Nov 15/16 First Weenie Obs

    Heavy mid-layer deformation band snows currently rotating through NE ADK and NW VT (Champlain valley). About 2-3" on the ground in BTV with bouts of heavier flakes. heaviest snow is just north it seems on the radar. Colchester on through into Franklin County look to get pasted good. ADK getting crushed.
  3. adk

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    I care. West side weenie event IMO. Blocked to start. Though even fewer care about that.
  4. adk

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Has anybody seen reports from Calhoun/Liberty/interior Gulf counties? Have to think it is pretty bad there. Though since this was only a Cat1 I'm sure its fine actually.
  5. adk

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Possible. There is some archane law on the books about taking shelter when life is in danger that limits damages...they are all cases where people were caught (and not purposefully in the middle of ) bad situations. Not sure what Florida has ...likely something old related to shipwrecks. Insurance should cover it anyway though....most homeowners policies have damage coverage for breaking and entering.
  6. adk

    Major Hurricane Michael

    You left out the last part of her statement. I added it in italics. I think the devastation of the panhandles minor inland towns is going to be under-reported and tremendous. That far inland, people take a lot less care and precaution. Gonna be bad for a while.
  7. adk

    Major Hurricane Michael

    It's like saying the force of his punch will be dissipated by hitting the jaw.
  8. adk

    Major Hurricane Michael

    930 central pressure at landfall (which we are not at yet obv) would put this in the top 10 most intense storms to landfall. Incredible.
  9. adk

    Major Hurricane Michael

    I think once those outer bands start interacting with land, intensity will decrease some. Not that it really matters. Strong Cat 4/weak cat 4 - both are totally devastating.
  10. adk

    Major Hurricane Michael

    Yea, Tyndall AFB is not going to fare well. Hopefully they moved all the Raptors out of the way. Really quick way to ramp up storm damage costs. Breaking a few hundred million dollar jets. What's going to also be interesting is how this affects N/S Carolina. Those states don't need a day of 5" of rain with 50pmh gusts. Lots of deadfall still to comedown. Looks to track right through Florence affected areas with pretty significant weather. Southeast is taking a beating this year.
  11. adk

    Hurricane Florence

    Yea, the NHC was very clear that this evening she was moving out of a shear environment and over warm waters with favorable conditions to strengthen. Not unheard of for a storm to ramp up a notch just before landfall. I recall Charley doing that just before landfall. Charley jumped from a messy Cat 2 to a very intense organized cat 4 in like three hours - right next to Florida.
  12. adk

    Hurricane Florence

    I think all the focus on the strength at LF misses the point. With a stalled forward speed the amount of rainfall on the Piedmont of NC - where there are actual hills that funnel water - is going to be catastrophic. I was just in Japan where a weak tripical system offshore earlier this summer killed 200+ people from rainfall and flash flooding. If this thing makes 10+ of rain in central NC lots and lots of terrible things will happen. Way overshadowing the impacts on the coast. That's not changing regardless of the max intensity at LF.
  13. adk

    NNE Winter Thread

    Way more interested in that "80 F" possibility on Wednesday. Ha.
  14. adk

    NNE Winter Thread

    I ski and still would GTFO Vermont between March 15 and May 15 (maybe April 1 - June 1). Skiing doesn't justify being 4 weeks behind the rest of the world in terms of spring.
  15. adk

    NNE Winter Thread

    It is unbelievable how much snow is on mansfield. Yesterday the Chin was insanely full of snow. Going to be a long, long time till that place melts out. Though, if it wanted to just be 75 and sunny from now on, I'd take it.