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  1. Not sure if there will be enough QPF north of 89 to get more than 3-4" above 2500 feet. Killington will likely do the best as more moisture down their way
  2. That's sad. I've always worried about crashes like that. Everybody is watching the tornado and nobody is watching the road.
  3. The image I see of spring is the rotting grey snow of march. I hate spring. Yes, there are a handful of really good ski days and sometimes some really fun powder ski days. But by and large I find spring filled with grey wet brown days here in the CPV. At least till late April. I don't know what to call May in BTV but whatever that is, that is what I like. It sure ain't spring though.
  4. Spring for scholastic sports runs till june and most fields are melted and dry enough (in Vermont what's ever "dry") by mid-april. That's plenty of time to have a season.
  5. One good winter rainstorm will take care of that. But we all know it snows in spring and rains in winter. So I agree that snow isn't going anywhere soon.
  6. Which spring? There is the Mid-March to mid-April "spring" which is what everybody else in the country counts as spring which is really just winter up here. We then have late-april - late -may period which is like actually spring and is awesome and then we a month of rain into june. I like 1/3 of these periods. Suspect this year we're in winter-mode till April 15 and then the switch flips to hot. I have a feeling we're in store for a hot hot summer.
  7. Still not changed. Looking at the high res models - that change if it does happen isn't coming till 5-8pm.
  8. Done with snow. On to the wind portion of the day. Winds are gusty right now and making some good sounds in the wires and eaves. All in all fairly gross out in the CPV
  9. No kidding. Were slowly shifting from good dendrites to some form of ball/pellet/rod snow.
  10. If the wind really goes still, this afternoon at Bolton would be awesome. Fresh snow and afternoon late march sun with cold dry temps
  11. Absolutely they are negotiable. Esp. at the end of the season. From now through late April is the best time to buy ski gear. Stores have to get rid of it to make room for new, and unlike the "pre-season" sales, people aren't focused on it. Good shops would rather move stuff now than hold it all summer and hope to push it out the door later. And if you have a good relationship with a shop, and are buying more than one item, and aren't rolling up in brand new everything like a neon sign that says "big spender" you can def. get 10 -20% off marked prices. Just ask
  12. I was less bullish on tomorrow, but the recent WRF data does suggest 3-5"+ are possible above 2000ft. Fri 03/24 16Z 0.21 2131 97 94 -3 0.03 Fri 03/24 17Z 0.26 2235 98 94 -2 0.11 Fri 03/24 18Z 0.30 2233 98 96 -1 0.14 Fri 03/24 19Z 0.30 2232 98 97 -1 0.10 Fri 03/24 20Z 0.39 2330 98 98 -1 0.05 Fri 03/24 21Z 0.49 2430 98 97 -1 0.04 Fri 03/24 22Z 0.58 2530 98 93 -1 0.03 Fri 03/24 23Z 0.64 2630 98 92 -1 0.04 Sat 03/25 00Z 0.72 2729 98 91 -1 0.05 Sat 03/25 01Z 0.79 2829 98 86 -1 0.05 Sat 03/25 02Z 0.74 2828 98 84 -1 0.05 Sat 03/25 03Z 0.69 2928 98 82 -1 0.04 Sat 03/25 04Z 0.65 2927 98 80 -1 0.03 Sat 03/25 05Z 0.59 2926 97 75 -1 0.02 Sat 03/25 06Z 0.52 2925 95 69 -1 0.02 Sat 03/25 07Z 0.47 3023 92 64 -1 0.01 Sat 03/25 08Z 0.42 3021 91 62 -2 0.01 I'm doubtful that we're going to get much below 2000ft west of the spine. Certainly not happening south of 89 as the warm front looks to get at least to 89. Also possible that this comes as all sleet.
  13. Classic arctic front squeezing out all the moisture from low level warm air ....I'd say 4-8" at Stowe this am with easily more on the west side. 89 at 5:15 this am was top 5 worst 89 drives I've ever had. Easily worse than last week during Stella. Pounding snow, untreated, black ice, white ice and unplowed/drifted snow 6" deep. Also whiteout conditions at times with blowing snow. Just terrifying. Better by 8:45...but damn...it was horrible early.
  14. Radar looks really impressive this morning, though maybe a little blocked. Could be snowing pretty hard on the west side of the spine.
  15. Impossible. Yea, As it cools down and that front passes, this low level moisture is going to get wrung out pretty well.