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  1. Always great to see white mixing with the oranges and yellows. I agree- colors are very muted this year. Then again, when it's in the mid 70s in the middle of October and super dry, that is going to happen. The 10/25-10/30 time period is looking interesting. Some blocking appears likely and an intrusion of seasonal cold air comes with it. Maybe upper trough hooks up with impulses and gives us a classic Halloween storm with upper elevation snows? Seems possible.....
  2. Everybody pays but the lawyers.
  3. Agreed. It's just funny - particularly given how fickle US air transport seems to be under OTHER conditions. I've had flights cancelled due to the POTENTIAL for snow. Obv. planes can fly through and around this stuff: see hurrican hunter flights.
  4. Surprised to see the drop in wind speeds this morning. MSW are now 155 - 160. I think that's bad news. In Katrina there was substantial "weakening" before landfall and people assumed that meant the storm was going to much less severe. However, the drop in wind speeds didn't correspond to a drop in overall engery output and we know what happened there. I can see the same thing happening here. This is a large storm that's pushing a huge amount of water into Florida. If it comes ashore with winds of 150, 160, 170 whatever...it's still going to beat the living hell out of the coast. Hell of a month for the insurance industry. Going to be double digit billion dollar losses back to back....
  5. Epic hurricanes: Hold my beer Bob. 2" snow: GROUND ALL THE FLIGHTS.
  6. But an EF-3 doesn't come with 12 feet of storm surge. Both are terrible in truth and frankly I'll take a hard pass on dealing with either. Reports from the BBC and Guardian UK report the BVI are trashed....That eye passed right over those Islands.
  7. Yea, I'd say that was a larger and much snowier event. It put a lot of snow down to about 2500 feet even in the greens. I even recall flakes down around Stowe town elevation for that one.
  8. Was up by Enosburg last night for a wake and there were flakes mixed in with a cold drizzle. Check of the webcams this am shows a good snow overnight. I'd say it was crazy to have snow in May but it happens every year...
  9. That memorial day 2013 storm was awesome. Just insane how much it snowed that late into May. One of my favorite storms ever. I suspect we're going to get a decent may event this year. This upper level cold pool is just too strong in my mind to not link up with a little moisture and make a decent 6-12" snowfall.
  10. Looks even snowier early next week. This winter just doesn't want to give it up.
  11. This is why I hate spring. Going from Winter to summer would be fine with me.
  12. Its like if there was a "sunshine" utility in VT. Rates be SKY HIGH. Heck, for how good this AM feels, I'd sure pay real $$ to ensure a steady flow of sunshine.
  13. I suppose that is what happens when you live in a desert.
  14. Los Angeles - here is your drinking water.
  15. really was a nice day to close out the lift service. My favorite day --- ok top 5 day --- is the first Saturday in May. Provided its sunny I can usually get a really good ski in, play some golf and then watch the Kentucky Derby. Yes, that's about the most whitebread day one can have, but its a heck of a fun day.