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  1. Yea, I'd say that was a larger and much snowier event. It put a lot of snow down to about 2500 feet even in the greens. I even recall flakes down around Stowe town elevation for that one.
  2. Was up by Enosburg last night for a wake and there were flakes mixed in with a cold drizzle. Check of the webcams this am shows a good snow overnight. I'd say it was crazy to have snow in May but it happens every year...
  3. That memorial day 2013 storm was awesome. Just insane how much it snowed that late into May. One of my favorite storms ever. I suspect we're going to get a decent may event this year. This upper level cold pool is just too strong in my mind to not link up with a little moisture and make a decent 6-12" snowfall.
  4. Looks even snowier early next week. This winter just doesn't want to give it up.
  5. This is why I hate spring. Going from Winter to summer would be fine with me.
  6. Its like if there was a "sunshine" utility in VT. Rates be SKY HIGH. Heck, for how good this AM feels, I'd sure pay real $$ to ensure a steady flow of sunshine.
  7. I suppose that is what happens when you live in a desert.
  8. Los Angeles - here is your drinking water.
  9. really was a nice day to close out the lift service. My favorite day --- ok top 5 day --- is the first Saturday in May. Provided its sunny I can usually get a really good ski in, play some golf and then watch the Kentucky Derby. Yes, that's about the most whitebread day one can have, but its a heck of a fun day.
  10. As to Whiteface- they built that ski area in just about the least snowy aspect in the ADK. First, the base is pretty low - like 900ft. Second the whole mtn faces southeast. Third, it's towards the eastern side of the high peaks so westward moving weather is blocked by the rest of the ADK. That said, during the shoulder seasons when big marginal events roll in it get crushed. It's got 1000ft of skiable terrain above the top of the Stowe quad. There are many storms in October and May that leave feet of snow there between 3k and 4k. It just doesn't last into spring.
  11. Without sun, late april snow cover is like a tree falling in the forest.
  12. By Sat. AM we're going to be down to the real glacial stuff. Be interested to see what you find then....nothing below 2500 save for trails?
  13. 2014-2015 was a better winter for skiing IMO. Depths didn't get as high but the 3" refresher storms were pretty much non-stop from mid jan to the end of feb. The arctic temps kept the snow great and the crowds down too....
  14. Winter? Schminter....yesterday in the CPV was ...sun came out and temps were near 80F in BTV.
  15. I can't really grade winters. And snow depth on the mtn doesn't really move me to sing songs of love. Once snow depths up there hit 60" all the stuff I want to ski is skiable. I'm a much bigger fan of constant 3" snowfalls and low expectations. Big well advertised storms bring too many people to the mtn...hahahaha. Scott knows all to well the joys of getting into the lot and seeing 6" when 2" was forecast. To me that's the best. That said, there were some really really good periods this winter....on par with as good as anything the Greens can produce for snowfall. I really like the early season - Dec and Nov. skiing. I also liked that for most of the winter, BTV was snow free. I actually downgrade the winter because Stella and the next round of snow made BTV a sloppy mess for three weeks just as you wanted a little sun and warmth.