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  1. NNE Winter Thread

    Yea, it's the icing they are concerned about. Could make tomorrow AM really really bad in spots. They are again not too worried about hyrdo issues with the rain on Tuesday. More so this time than last, but still pretty quiet on it. I dunno, WRF has plenty falling on the slopes of the greens which could easily trigger some additional flooding down stream.
  2. NNE Winter Thread

    Last winter was really a hockey game winter. There were three distinct periods that I remember. Early season - Mid Nov. to early Jan. was VERY good. Jan. had an inversion, some weird rain and ice around this week. Then from like the 28th through Feb. 17 was insane. Snowed like 6" every single night. Stake got to 100". Then there was an epic melt with temps hitting 70 in BTV the lsast week of feb. Things were looking very much "done" and then Stella rolled in. If I am being honest, I think this season's Nov - holiday period period was better than last years. Can't say the same about about the last three weeks however....or the next week per the GFS. What is interesting to me is that we really only have another 70" of snow left for an "average" winter. If that were spread out over Feb. March and early April, it would be pretttttty grim.
  3. NNE Winter Thread

    Yes, my type of lawyering is low on positivity. I just got new boots too...same story. Had to order over the holidays and wait for them to come in as they sold out EVERYWHERE of my size. Apparently the funding model for gear companies changed after the crash. Now they only get loans to make one run of gear. If that sells well, they get another round of cash and make a second run of gear. Anyway, it's balmy 35 outside he condo right now. With the speed of this WAA I wonder if a little spot of sun doesn't spike BTV way higher than the 40s. Like 51 -53 range today...
  4. NNE Winter Thread

    If you knew me you would know that if I get to "half-empty" that is a win. I actually think this winter has been outstanding for skiing so far. The period from about November 20 to that last real warm up was really very good. I think the best conditions were confined to upper elevations for sure and fleeting but when caught, they were incredible. What boots are you getting?
  5. NNE Winter Thread

    Least effective days of snow ever. I can't quite decide if I am happy this weekend is looking colder than prev. forecast. 33 and cloudy isn't really very much fun. At least 40 and sunny would warm up the trails and allow a natural spring condition smoothing process to occur. 33 just kinda crisps them.....
  6. NNE Winter Thread

    Some really nice light snow falling in BTV this am. About .75" so far...certainly enough to shut down schools in Atlanta.
  7. NNE Winter Thread

    I mean, I'm not sure 40s and 50s is worse than minus single digits and teens ....if ain't gonna snow, no reason to be cold.
  8. NNE Winter Thread

    Really was expecting this cold snap to be as cold as it played out. Yesterday never got above 8 or 9 here in BTV - that's pretty darn cold for a full sun day here in the CPV even for mid January. Now it's -7F. January really is going to play-out like a roller coaster. Particularly with upper 30s and 40s progged for the weekend and another cutter after that.
  9. NNE Winter Thread

    Looks it went to freezing precip last night here in BTV to little effect. A dusting of something is out on the cars and surfaces. Me thinks it is sleet. Feel like the NWS really botched the flooding potential here. I kept reading about how the "snow pack" could absorb this and was a little confused. The pack I was seeing wasn't fluff by any means and was pretty thick with water. Combined with 50s for 48 hours and 2" of rain plus damming I thought the flood watches should have gone out a lot sooner. Certainly that is the bigger headline than a mixed precip event.
  10. NNE Winter Thread

    My favorite part about the NWS disco on this is the note that says "unwanted" snow should be moved quickly on Saturday as it will turn into a brick.... I hope VTrans and the towns pay attention here and note that 4-6" isn't rallyu 4-6" of snow. That's like 3.5" of sleet and 1.5" of snow. Gotta treat roads a lot differently when its like that.
  11. NNE Winter Thread

    Go home weather, your drunk. Nothing like a four day stretch where it ices, rains, gets to 50+, sleets, snows, and then goes to the single digits. Awesome. The event Friday night into Saturday is very interesting. Going to be an incredibly tight band of heavy snow transitioning to narrow band of sleet with a lot of rain and/or nothing on either side. Question to me is how does that strip set up. If I had to bet on a place getting 12" of snow, that's upper elevation whiteface. VT looks like maybe 4-6" with a decent amount of sleet. Though that's not too terrible given that it's going to be falling on a trainwreck of a snow surface.
  12. Long lasting intense Cold for New England

    Ohhhhh that sounds sooooooooooo good. Full snow pack, cold night, nice groom, sun warms it all up, base lots booming. People cooking burgers and dogs, snow nice and slushy and soft. Damnit that sounds like heaven.
  13. NNE Winter Thread

    As long as you catch the skiing while it's warm and possibly raining it should be really nice. This snow base can take some water and should ski like delicious mashed potatoes on Thurs and Fri. The concern is what happens when that cold front comes back in....and/or what happens in those first 6 hours of precip as the cold ground air isn't scoured out. Though in truth I think this is lesss of a concern. It's going to be pretty mild and sunny Tuesday PM and Wed. That shoudl warm roads up enough that we're not going to get a complete glazed donut.
  14. Long lasting intense Cold for New England

    I totally agree. A good still clear night on fresh snow and you can easily get -teens and 20s here in VT. To me what this snap was about was the sheer brutality of the 48 hours from Friday AM through Sunday AM. The wind on sub zero temps was punishing up here. For it to last two full days was intense. As I said to PowderFreak, today feels 40 degrees warmer despite being actually colder so far. In the sun, with no wind, it feels 30+ here. Also, noticed a lot of the weather stations along Lake Champlain have flipped to reading S winds. Marking that as the point we started to climb out of this cold.
  15. NNE Winter Thread

    -19F in BTV. BTV is going to go a solid 48hrs where the temp never got above zero. Maybe that's happened in the time I've lived here, but I don't think so. That's impressive for the Vermont banana belt. It's hard to imagine what 40 is going to feel like. For reference, the record consecutive hours below 0 for BTV is 139. That was set in 1979. That brutal stretch started with BTV's lowest reading ever, -30F and then never warmed for a week.