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  1. cjr231

    may 10-16 convection

    Saw a stop sign completely come up out of the ground and shoot up the block about 10 feet on 77th st on the UWS. Lucky no one was hurt. This was before it even began raining. Crazy impressive.
  2. Have some light snow at the moment. 13.6 will probably be final here.
  3. Hmm. I slowed down last hour but seem to be in pretty good snows again now. We're so close to the edge of that band though.
  4. 12.9 at midnight here in Staten. That's 1.2 in the last hour! We teetering right on the edge of that heavy band that swings up through Brooklyn and Queens.
  5. We're lucky there is very little wind with this because these trees are struggling big time as it is.
  6. We've slowed a little bit here (Staten) compared to before but almost an inch in the last hour. 11.7 at 11PM.
  7. We are getting absolutely wrecked on Staten. I'm up to 10.8 at 10pm with almost 2 inches in the last hour.
  8. 7.7 as of 8pm here on Staten. Almost an inch in the last hour. Ripping snow at the moment. Radar looks fantastic.
  9. Staten Island for this storm. I live in the UWS but had a feeling Staten would do better in this one so riding it out here. Saw your photos before. I live right near the park you posted in the 3rd one
  10. It's absolutely dumping here again. I'm pretty confident we are going to get to a foot if this keeps up another couple hours.
  11. New Dorp Assuming you are doing similarly well over in Travis? Seems the band we have overhead stretches from Hoboken through Newark and into Middlesex County.
  12. About 6.5 in Staten now. Been in moderate snow for a while now.
  13. 5.5 inches here on Staten as of 4pm. Didn't accumulate too well the last two hours or so but now that the sun has gone down some we seem to be making progress again. Roads are covered again.
  14. Back to heavy snow in this new band off the water. It's ripping again on Staten.
  15. Just took the pup out. She loves this stuff. Over 2 inches and moderate snow continues. It's fine and powdery here.