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  1. Should be a fun day tomorrow in the low country. .NEAR TERM /UNTIL 6 AM WEDNESDAY MORNING/... This Evening: Latest EMC RAP analysis from SPC shows PWATS of at least 2.25 inches pooling across Southeast GA bands of convective rains persist, resulting in periods of heavy rains with pockets of torrential downpours ongoing along the lower Savannah River region of the forecast area. We will continue the Flash Flood Watch in place on this update package. Overnight, parameters are coming together for additional heavy rainfall further up the coast as low pressure organizes along the stalled front and propagates to the northeast. Strong moisture convergence ahead of the low in the vicinity of the front coupled with high PWATS and lingering nocturnal instability will support a corridor of moderate to heavy rainfall extending from the Georgia coast north into the Charleston Metro Area, including Savannah and Beaufort. High resolution guidance are similar in showing the heaviest rains falling in the Savannah to Charleston corridor with general rainfall amounts of 2-5 inches with some members showing amounts in excess of 6 inches. Although flash flood guidance values are still somewhat high and D1-D2 drought conditions linger, the high PWATS within a weak steering flow environment suggest the resulting convection will be efficient in rain production which could overtake the 1-hr and 3-hr flash flood guidance values. I have a feeling since we have escaped rain for the most part the last 3 day in mt pleasant that we could get hammered tomorrow.
  2. Were only at 6.91" here in Charleston of our normal 15"
  3. It's Wednesday night and since your post most of our forecast area has received between 3-5 inches of drought. Hopefully we don't actually head into any dry streak here the next few weeks, but so far so good with rain/heat averages so far this season.
  4. Take off that tin foil hat, and make a boat instead.
  5. I was lucky enough to live right under this bubble of 22 inches, it was mind blowing. Snowflakes were 4-6 inches across falling from the sky, thundersnow, and being trapped in the high school cafeteria.
  6. Crazy this was just a mile or two north of me. Thought I heard some rumbling but couldn't be sure it wasn't air traffic from charlotte douglas.
  7. Blew through here in a hurry, just a few wind gusts. No tree damage imby, it definitely persuaded some leaves to come down though
  8. So far just rain here in Tega Cay/Fort Mill.
  9. Probably still have about an hour before the line rolls through here in Charlotte, but sky's have cleared up again and wind is roaring from the ESE.
  10. Think this'll be the last update for my neck of the woods, with pictures anyway still 32/32 in Chester and 32/29 @ Charlotte.
  11. Couple more pics from Fort Mill, SC. Don't know if this next batch of drizzle will freeze or not. Chester airport is at 32/32 while Charlotte is at 31/28.
  12. Nice glaze starting to show up, the grass was crunchy as well. Don't understand how to post pictures yet on this forum so here's a link to a couple of quick pictures if that's allowed.
  13. Looking at the Lake Charles, LA radar and there are a few tornado warned cells, this is going quite the storm system.