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  1. You're all preaching to the choir. The general public isn't going to do much unless/until the middle of the cone is painted over the Houston area. For now, most people are in wait-and-see mode which is why I am so concerned about the trends. It's gonna be a mad last-minute scramble in the middle of a pandemic.
  2. A lot of us in the Houston area are concerned we are going to lose a critical prep day because of the track holding to the east at 11. This could be a disaster in the making if the track suddenly shifts back to the west, and based on the UKMET and Euro Ensembles, that seems like a good possibility.
  3. It's been a crazy experience the last few days. I'll have to total it up, but somewhere close to 12" in all. Oddly, I had 28" during Harvey but the street flooding here was just as bad. It came down fast and fierce during that band! I was awake at about 3:30 am yesterday. Saw the lightning off in the distance. It became like a strobe light - just constant - some of the most continuous lightning I've ever seen in my whole life. It got brighter and brighter, and then I could hear the thunder in the distance. Slowly, the thunder grew louder - closer and closer as we approached daybreak. Talk about an eerie feeling. It was an adrenaline rush (the weather geek in me) and a feeling of dread all at the same time. No sleep for me at that point - I was wired! Then it hit. It was like a firehose just gushing. The radar doesn't do it justice. Just a continuous waterfall, for a good 4 hours or so. And then, finally, it gradually tapered off. My immediate area somehow escaped the worst. Conroe to the north and metro Houston to the south had a lot more issues than our little area of South Montgomery County. We are fine - I live on a small ridge - but like what's been posted - some other areas got it a lot worse. These "500" and "1,000" year floods are becoming common....
  4. Well gang, I’ve dodged a bullet so far. The core of Imelda moved to just a few miles to my west and parked overnight. If this had transitioned to an ‘overnight core dump’ who knows what I would have woken up to. It was mostly sprinkles and I didn’t even get any real rains until this morning, about the time I woke up. So strange to see basically a naked swirl on the radar during the nighttime with a tropical low. So far I’ve had 1.68” - could have very easily been 16.8” instead, but it wasn’t. It’s not over yet, but so far all is OK in Montgomery County. Just a light breeze and some much-needed rainfall.
  5. I'll chime in about Sharpiegate (since, ironically, I can't talk politics on my own forum, but I think it's best that way) -- I'm an Independent and I lean Libertarian. I think it's fair to say most of the media has been out to get Trump since day one. It's no secret they cannot stand him. Justifiable? Yes. He brings it on himself with his combative style, idiotic comments and constant tweetstorm. But let's call a spade a spade -- anything to make him look bad goes into overdrive. Especially outlets like CNN. But that's another topic for another forum. Sharpiegate is a new low for Trump. As someone who has been committed to delivering accurate and scientific information to the public, and always preaching the mantra of "When in doubt, follow the official guidance from the NHC" - this is enraging. Meteorologists and Emergency Management Officials have it tough enough as it is, cutting through the BS and dealing with old-timers who always refuse to evacuate, regardless of the situation. But now that Trump has turned a scientific discussion into a political one -- it's going to be that much harder. The undermining of the NWS and the NHC is unforgivable. James Spann - whom I deeply respect - is exactly right. This tweet by an 'unidentified spokesperson' at NOAA is nothing but a political sham. It was ordered by Trump to his Secretary of Commerce to 'set the story straight.' It's disgusting; it's beyond the pale. I have relatives who are die-hard Trump supporters. I have tried my best to use this example to show them once and for all that this man cares for his reputation above all else, even peoples' lives and safety. This is dangerous and unprecedented. Yet, they still rebuff my criticism, even though I'm a co-owner of Storm2k and have at least 10X the meteorological knowledge of all of them combined. What's even more disheartening is that these are otherwise smart and intelligent people, but they are completely blinded by pure politics. I've tried to get through to them and I can't. One of them told me today that I was 'alienating' them from the family and my response was "I'm so sorry - I thought Sharpiegate was a no-brainer!" It baffles me that they cannot see the truth or reason in all of this. They believe the sharpie map was real? Really? And the criticism of it is another CNN-driven-media conspiracy? Are they kidding me? I've read commentary that this is perhaps an opportunity to discredit NOAA and the NWS as it relates to global warming research. If that's the case, then again, it's disgraceful and does us all a disservice. The purpose of those organizations is to be objective and deliver accurate information while adhering to the scientific method we were all taught in grade school. In summary, the events of the last week have been horrifying. It is a sad and pathetic state of affairs when our President is allowed to distort official information, break the law by altering official forecasting products, and not only gets away with it -- but a significant percentage of the population still shrugs it off as 'fake news'. I can only hope that somehow, people will finally see this naked narcissism for what it really is, because it is a danger to our national security.
  6. I will say one thing regarding overdevelopment - that was a valid point with all the concrete and flooding. I moved to the Houston area in 2005 and I’ve lost count of the number of 100, 500, 1,000 & “unprecedented” floods we have gotten over the last 14 years. It’s become routine for any major rain event to break some sort of record.
  7. Josh's money comes from his digital marketing business. He didn't get into chasing for the money. The new show probably just finally covered all the crazy plane tickets/hotels/cars/equipment he's purchased over the years so he could chase at a moment's notice.
  8. I think I've been on the interwebs long enough to know when someone is trolling. They are usually folks with self-esteem issues compensating for something.
  9. Some people seem to take pleasure in just being an a$$hole apparently.
  10. Years ago, Joe. B said this is what caused Isidore to hug the coast of the Yucatan for so long.
  11. No, you missed the point. That house was the only new construction in the area; it was concrete pilings, and it was the only one left standing. All the other houses that were washed away were older houses on wooden pilings. All the new houses in Gilchrist are now built higher and on concrete pilings, like the yellow house.
  12. Absolutely. It means conditions are "possible" within the watch period, not "expected." https://www.weather.gov/safety/hurricane-ww
  13. Wow. This is on Accuweather TV. It is wrong - this is Warning criteria, not Watch criteria. No wonder the general public gets confused - really inexcusable...
  14. Look at a photo of the lone standing house left in Gilchrist, TX after Ike and get back to us.