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  1. The HRRR definitely seems like it has more precipitation trending North and West. It’s subtle, but the is some definite movement.The first image is 18z run and the second is 21z run.
  2. This is still very long range, but fun to follow. The potential freezing rain aspect of the storm would be a nightmare though
  3. Hello everyone! Seems like it’s that time of year again to start hoping for some winter weather chances. Y’all do such a great job!
  4. I wonder if the DFW counties will end up under a tornado watch. I noticed the the latest SPC watch has us back under enhanced.
  5. So for all the DFW people still on tonight. Storms on west side are blowing up fast. Some really strong winds here in ponder
  6. Luckily it seems that the tornado is going through mostly rural areas
  7. starting to get a nice dusting here in Denton. Looks like the HRRR is starting to pick up on the dry air though. Last 2 runs have dried up fast.
  8. Yea I agree they may be a bit conservative. Though this setup seems rather tricky. It seems that it really comes down to how much moisture is there when we have better forcing and how quickly it dries out. I kinda miss the storms where we're worried about the cold instead...
  9. Welcome to the board Jez! You are definitely in the right place for Houston weather. I think most of the active members are more towards Dallas on this board, but a few in C Stat and Austin as well. I've learned a lot mainly from reading and following the posters on this board. With winter coming up, I imagine this place will start getting more action!
  10. I appreciate all the hard work y'all put into this forum. I always enjoy reading it! Anyways, I was surprised by the strong wind gusts here in Krum. It's been an interesting start to the month.
  11. Well it sounds like y'all were very lucky. The radar returns from that storm on the main thread looked dangerous
  12. Keep us updated. Was very curious how you were doing when they said tornado very near Lindale
  13. Yea that cold front is no joke when it comes through. I think most of us had a big drop like that yesterday too
  14. The hrrr is shifting east as well. This is latest run, it's been slowly shifting east every hour