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  1. Great forecast, but an "A", thats 100%
  2. The EURO gives GRR a high of 25F on April 4
  3. Starting to see the back edge, so far 6" measured and 0.42 melted in the rain gauge here in Grand Rapids.
  4. Over here in Michigan where we see lots of snow, contracts come 2 ways. An agreed upon price by the push, or a flat rate season contract. If you have a contract in a nino year the plow operator probably makes out pretty good. Some public streets on school bus routes are also put up to private bid. Over all the city plows do a very good job in this part of the world as we all know what to expect.
  5. Thanks for the tool
  6. I was outside at the time, felt kind of strange for a second and just thought it was an adjustment to taking my sun glasses off.
  7. Thanks Dom, I remember that winter well here in the Great Lakes
  8. Hudson Bay shown as warm also seems suspect
  9. Cobb is Met in charge here, output data on this forecast page http://www.crh.noaa.gov/grr/snowtool/
  10. Always enjoy your thoughts, thanks
  11. Like Frostfern says it is 80F and the leaves are out.
  12. Just bought one of these but I do not have it connected to the internet. Thought it would be plastic, but it is a metal shell http://www.lightinthebox.com/wanscam-waterproof-night-vision-wireless-ip-camera-with-ir-20m_p217293.html
  13. I have the internet bridge and that does allow for software barometer adjustments to the data sent out.
  14. The snows builds up on the sensor and stops the cups from turning. We had 10 inches of snow last night and it is all sitting as a pile on top of the sensor.