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Pattern this week heads to the other direction, ridging in the East!

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Again, the fall season still wants to remain warm across the eastern CONUS.  Right now, the pattern to Wednesday resembles a troughy but zonal pattern aloft where westerlies remain in control with several troughs moving through the region before the region warms significantly as pattern amplifies into a ridging in the East and troughing in the west pattern.  This is supported by the teleconnections across North America of a strong +NAO/-PNA/+AO pattern.  The only semblance towards a more average pattern temperature wise is with the AO heading neutral by day 15.  Right now, there are no true signs that point to a renewed cold regime in the next two weeks.  Soak up the warmth for the next few weeks.  Sun will continue to set earlier each day until the first day of calendar winter season.

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