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Surprises are abound with a LA Nina driven ENSO and an active northern jet stream




One thing is for certain during an active La Nina winter season, the ENSO while in the mid cold phase between -1 and -2C below normal, the northern branch of the jet stream will be very active from now until the La Nina relaxes towards the beginning of Spring 2021.  This winter should provide a rather volatile change in the three day periods.  We will go through changes of warm and cold air masses and active storm tracks either north or south of the region.  Cape Cod has always been the benchmark for rain versus snow.  For events coming out of the northwest, like Ontario, Canada, we would prefer the low track south of Block Island, RI, while if the storm track is from the southwest, we prefer the track to the south of Nantucket.  If the clipper season is active, we should see a few 8-12 inch events from ESSEX to NANTUCKET.  The next seven days provide a nice interior event and two potential last minute developers off Cape Cod.  Let's see how this Friday system works out.

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