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Ambient Weather WS-5000 vs AcuRite Pro

Guest mwyoung

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So far the Acurite Pro is doing a very good job in most respects when compared to the  WS-5000. Temp, humidity, are in good agreement. This Acurite system does have a good barometer and is consistent with the WS-5000. 

Where the Acrite system fails is in the sampling rate of the wind speed and direction. It can not compete with the WS-5000 ultrasonic anemometer. The sampling rate is much to slow,  and the wind vane is to small. 

But still a very nice home weather station for only $109. 

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Guest mwyoung

I had a rainy day to test the results of rain gage of the the Acurite Pro. 

Here is the current results after the rain has ended. 

The WS-5000 measured 0.69 inches of rain.

The Acurite Pro measured 0.69 inches of rain. 

The results can be also be seen on the weather underground links.

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