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[FWX EDEX & LDM ACCESS] Pre-Black Friday Sale! $7.00 AWIPS2

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Black Friday is fast approaching and what better way to celebrate by getting a deep discount to weather data access? For example just for $7.00 a month, you can have AWIPS 2 access for the lifetime of your service plan! Now that is a steal! 

Here is a list of deals that are now valid through December 1st: 

EDEX/AWIPS Service Access - $15.00 $7.00 - Promo code: THANKS

EDEX Priority Access - $20.00  $10.00 - Promo code: 0NKOMLEU92

LDM Raw Data Access - $40.00 $20.00  - Promo code: Q7NTCSND36 

You can place your order now at https://clients.fwx.co/cart.php

Need a reliable computer workstation to run GEMPAK, IDV, or AWIPS2? Contact FWX Company for discounted access to powerful workstations that are certified by our team. Need more info? email [email protected] 

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone! 

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Can you clarify the difference between EDEX Service Access and EDEX Priority access?

Also, for those that don't know AWIPS is actually a pretty useful tool. There is a Windows version now which I haven't played around with yet. But I can tell you that AWIPS installs quite nicely in a CentOS 7 instance running inside VMWare. You just need to have "enable 3D graphics" ticked in the VMWare settings.

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