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Any good websites, books, or tools for kids?

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My daughter is in fifth grade and has to write a 10 page paper (5 pages typed not including the references) on a topic. She has a year to do it. She loves science and the weather (avid skier and snowboarder) and has decided to do her paper on meteorology. I guess she got the interest from me constantly talking about it. 


With that said, I don't really know where to begin. I figure some of you had an interest at an earlier age or have come across things I don't know about as I've only been really into this for about 2 years. Does anyone have any suggestions on what specifically would be a good topic? What would be a topic she can learn about that would give her a good stepping stone? She is in gifted classes, so something challenging but not college level. 


Thanks :)

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Here's the NWS site, with all kinds of weather for all ages!!




Here's the NOAA site under the new webpage format:




Not quite as much detail, but other good stuff there, too.


A new online program just for students to help them learn about weather safety and preparedness is online, a cooperative effort between the NWS and an organization called Plan!tNow!  It's the Young Meteorologist Program...




This has 5 online lessons in a fun game.  She may enjoy this.


Hope this helps!  If there are any questions, please PM me.


--Turtle (EVT at NWS Boston/Taunton, MA)

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