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  1. I am happy with this metro Atlanta "nothing to see here no big deal snow". A wet 1.7 inches NE of Kennesaw in Cobb County. Beautiful but melting and replaced by fog.
  2. Well, at least for ATLANTA the GFS was consistent, days in a row, stead fast multiple runs deterministic and ensemble. Just consistently horribly wrong. All hail the Good for S...
  3. May I ask if you have a "pro FB site" or is it the personal one, since I don't know your ID lol, good job btw!
  4. Isn't there a meme about consistency being a good thing only if you're not an idiot? lol If the models were stable for a decade this would be easier, back in the day we had a handleful of models and we learned there local quirks and could easily improve on them. But these days they've made it a crap shoot ATL NWS certainly is hugging the GFS without hesitation.
  5. Awesome, thanks for links!! I doubt Peachtree city is much help to downtown Atlanta or their north suburbs lol
  6. Light rain and plenty of sleet at 12:45pm in North Kennesaw GA
  7. Had a trace dusting briefly in parts of Atlanta while other parts just had flurries or nothing at all. Another swing and a miss. Maybe next time, fingers crossed.
  8. I guess since some closed a day in advance of rain. Neither closings nor the FFC forecast look justified dont ya thinl? But what do I know lol. Maybe models become more bullish overnight, but I am in yawn mode for ATL.
  9. Always a concern with the wedge and wet bulb effect, on the other hand in recent progged cold outbreaks this season projections of lows in the single digits have ended up like this morning in the teens to mid 20s, and if precip does not come in until after lunch hour to ATL for example, well then...
  10. Great points by all. Here's my two cents fwiw: If it fell at that rate but not til noon, the same gridlock would have occured, if it held off until 3 or 4pm the same gridlock would have occured but with more kids on busses at least high school, younger grades might be home. The poop hit the fan in a little more than half an hour with just .25 inch on the ground.