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  1. Josh probably knows this, but the radome in Cabo San Lucas has a great chase location on a hill with commanding views of the ocean and marina. The automated weather station there also got excellent wind exposure during Norbert. Hilltop chasing may offer its own perils, particularly flash flooding and related mudslides, high winds, and social isolation, but at least it avoids storm surge and likely results in great video. You can check it out on Google maps; the automated weather station is here: 22°52'52"N 109°55'36"W An $1100/night super-luxury resort operates on this hilltop, but I'm sure you can find something more affordable nearby. Wind is already 38G52KT at 20:00 UTC, so the tropical storm has begun at the hills of Cabo San Lucas. PS: Bing offers far better aerial imagery than Google does in this area.
  2. Better link: Nudos is Spanish for knots. Already 36G60KT pressure 992 mb with 2.5 mm (0.10 inch) rain in 15 minutes. That's heavy rain (>0.30 inch/hour).
  3. 1200 UTC 12 January 1918: -43 at Evansville (175 feet above ground at Citizens' Bank Building): 20 mph wind and -16°F 1200 UTC 12 January 1918: -49 at Indianapolis (232 feet above ground at Consolidated Building): 24 mph wind and -19°F 1200 UTC 12 January 1918: -53 at Fort Wayne (124 feet above ground at Shoaf Tri-State and Gettle Building): 30 mph wind and -20°F
  4. Okay, I wasn't seriously considering a chase in the Azores this morning. I had to get to work Monday morning, and chasing hurricane wouldn't fit my schedule. Flights to the Azores from OKC just are very difficult to catch; apparently, the only nonstop flights from North America go to Toronto, Boston, and Oakland, none of which receive nonstop flights from OKC. Still, if I had no entanglements and infinite wealth, especially if some airline offered cheap flights to the right island on short notice, then I'm sure it would have been quite exciting. High-latitude cyclones usually have larger wind fields than their deep-tropical counterparts. I'm sure it would have proved a challenging and rewarding chase. And even without the hurricane, the Azores look like a really nice place to visit any time of year.
  5. Well, well...I wanted to chase Gordon. Actually, I thought the Azores would be a nice place to visit, and I'm kinda surprised that they haven't developed a larger tourist industry. But I can't find a flight that arrives before Tuesday and costs less than $5,000. Too bad; maybe you'd have more luck, Josh, if you were already in Europe. As for "African gold," that creates a nasty environmental issue in this country, namely mercury deposition. African gold miners, like their Californian counterparts in the 1840s and 1850s, use mercury to recover gold from its ores. That mercury vaporizes, boils, or otherwise enters the atmosphere, and wind transports it across the Atlantic Ocean, creating the mercury problem you see on this map. Notice that the highest wet deposition of mercury occurred in south Florida.
  6. If you want a fiesta, this is the perfect week to travel to Veracruz, Josh. Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross [Vera Cruz = True Cross] (14 September) is their patronal day. Partying continues on the Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows (15 September). (These festivities could have implications for securing hotel rooms; check in advance!) Then, Mexican Independence Day on 16 September. Think...hurricane Sunday, maybe Monday if it slows some more. Fiesta Tuesday afternoon through Friday. Return to the City of Our Lady Queen of the Angels [partronal day formerly 4 September, now 2 August] Saturday.